Perfect Bridal Accessories

Though finding the right dress might be the bigger task at hand, finding the right accessories to complement it is just as important. Just as adding or removing accessories can make or break an outfit, they can also flatter your wedding gown. By following these tips, you can make sure you walk confidently down the aisle.


When working with a simple dress, find some ways to add some sparkle to brighten up the unique qualities of the dress. Perhaps a long veil with intimate details such as lace or beads, or a choker that matches perfectly with the small accent on the hip of your dress is enough to make your gown really special. A bejeweled veil is a lovely way to frame your face. Maybe your statement will be your sparkly high heels, or earrings that perfectly complement your eyes.

Don’t Be Gaudy

You want to accentuate your dress without looking gaudy. For example, with a more open-style dress, add small accessories that fill in your neckline and arms such as a simple pendant on a necklace, a small birdcage veil or pearl earrings.

Whichever you choose, make sure it is small enough so the outfit is not too loud or distracting.

Do Not Overdo It

Wedding preparation is definitely an exciting time, but make sure not to overdo your outfit. While it seems that you want it all– the tiara, the veil, the hair flowers, and the headband– you have to make some trade-offs in order to look smart and well put together.

If you are having a difficult time keeping it simple, find one accessory per body part (head, wrist, ears or neck) and go from there. That way, you can add on if you need to, but you do not feel like you are taking away from the dress.


Depending on the dress, you need to pick accessories that fill in your neckline. When wearing a sweetheart or a strapless dress, think of wearing statement earrings to draw attention to the neckline without directing attention directly to it. Earrings are a gorgeous option for any neckline and silhouette.

V-necks normally call for necklaces that sit higher up on your neck, since there is so much space between the bottom of the neckline and your neck. Try a choker to add some color.

For halter-tops, it is better to keep the neckline untouched, so add some hair accessories instead. Maybe some flowers for the spring or summer, or a dark headband for the fall or winter.

Consider the Climate

Do not forget about the season and the weather. If the wedding takes place in the winter, wear a light jacket or chiffon wrap as a cover before and after the reception. Additionally, make sure your shoes are comfortable enough for you to stand and walk in.


Do not underestimate the importance of quality. Weddings are expensive, and considering the cheaper alternative is not always the best option. Besides looking tacky, you risk something breaking or falling off at an inopportune time. Purchase the best your budget allows.

Take Your Time

Give yourself an ample amount of time to find the perfect accessories for you and your bridal party. Perfect outfits do not happen overnight, so bring a sampling of your accessories to the bridal shop, or a photograph of your gown when shopping.

One of the most important rules of accessorizing your wedding dress is to accessorize the way you would any new outfit.

Taking Advice

Get your bridesmaids and family involved, but do not allow them to dictate your style. This is your day and your wedding, so how you accessorize is your decision. Wear accessories that flatter. To lengthen your neck, wear drop earrings. A sash or belt highlights your lean waist and a cathedral length veil elongates your frame.

Nail Art

Depending on how bold you are willing to be, nail art is a fun, current trend. You and your bridesmaids can feature ornamentations like pearls and sequins on your nails, or add a dash of color.

Add Color

To brighten your special day, add a jolt of color to hairpieces, bouquets, belts, jewelry or even a petticoat. A spray tan is a white gown’s secret weapon. A lightly bronzed tan will make your white gown pop.

Final thoughts

Accessories are an important part of any wedding. The right accessory can go a long way to ensuring that your ensemble is perfect and can help make your wedding day one that you and your spouse will remember fondly for the rest of your lives.

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