Metallic Color Themes for Weddings

Selecting the color palette for your wedding is one of the first and most important tasks on a wedding planning to-do list. Wedding colors set the tone for your whole event. You and your partner should consider the kind of mood you are looking to set for guests.

From the day they first receive your unique save-the-date to the moment they leave your wedding, wedding colors send signals to attendees on how to feel about the day. The color theme you choose plays a significant role in creating the atmosphere for you and your guests on the big day.

Metallic color themes provide an interesting and attractive option that provides a bold, modern thematic color for a wedding.

First Comes First

With your colors in place, you do yourself a favor by helping to narrow the options for all of the other important decisions you’ll need to make in the coming months. Much of the stress involved with planning a wedding comes from all of the decisions you are required to make.

Add to the decision frenzy that you are typically working with your partner and a small crowd of your closest friends and family. Wedding planning stress stems from the desire to please each of these people with one or all of your decisions. Think of wedding colors as a good way to make one early decision all on your own that will help you exercise veto power over other decisions in the future.

Once your colors have been selected, you’ll know immediately which floral arrangements will complement your style. You will be able to reject the cake design and toppers that simply do not work with your theme.

Selecting particular wedding colors can help you narrow down venues you and your partner are interested in. It could also eliminate many options when you begin to think about dresses and ties for your wedding party. Overall, making a decision on colors will ensure you are efficient when meeting with all of your vendors and selecting the details of your day.

A New Option – Metallic

Weddings of the 1980s and 1990s were tied to the pastel color palette. In the last twenty years, the wedding color pendulum has moved decisively in the direction of bolder, more saturated hues. Couples seeking something a little different have started to explore another option: metallic.


If you are thinking about this palette, you are likely considering gold, silver, bronze, or some combination of the three. Many couples who select a metallic palette include all three to ensure they are not limited. Opting for a metallic theme adds an element of class to your event. Have you ever been to a high-end gala, raising money for a good cause? If you have, then you have seen a metallic color palette used to create an elegant atmosphere.

Bold, Not Cold

There is a misconception that metallic wedding colors give off an icy vibe. It is true that poorly chosen metallics could make the bride look more like an ice queen than anything else. Strategic selections, however, can ensure the mood you create for your event is rich and warm rather than bare and distant.

Galas and fundraisers leverage the metallic theme to put their attendees in the mood to give generously. Going metallic for your wedding colors can put your guests in an extravagant mood. Ideally, however, their big indulgence is to truly relax and enjoy your wedding festivities.


Feature Florals

A great way to counterbalance the industrial feel that metallics can sometimes create is to opt for prominent floral arrangements at your wedding. Consider overstuffed bouquets of cream, pale yellow, and pale pink roses for your bridal party to offset the metallics with something straight from the natural world. With some research, you can find reasonably priced large centerpieces that mix and match different shades of white with pale pastels to complement a gold or silver theme.


Florals can also be an element that you incorporate into invitations and cake decoration to provide a counterpoint to the less natural feel of metallics. Invitations, tableware, and cake decorations are great areas to intermix your metallic palette with more traditional whites, creams, and beiges.

Going for Gold

Regardless of the exact palette you select for your day, incorporating metallics helps elevate the elegance of your event. Incorporating florals into save-the-dates, invitations, and cake decorations helps to ensure the event does not lose the essential elements of romance and warmth. Opting for a rich, metallic palette sends the message to your guests they should treat themselves to a good time. After all of the planning involved, hopefully that message gets through to you, too.

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