Fall Wedding Inspiration: Jewel Tones

Move over, summer! Fall is quickly becoming the most popular season for couples to get married. While there are tons of fantastic ideas for a fall wedding, it can be too easy to fall into the trap of traditional autumn colors. For some couples, matching the orange, brown, and yellow colors of the leaves may be ideal, but most are looking for something a little more vibrant. Check out some of the most popular colors for fall weddings this year and how couples are using them for inspiration in all aspects of their wedding for next year.

Blacks and Pastels

Black has certainly gained popularity as a bridal party color in recent years, but many brides prefer to have their bridesmaids wear something more colorful. Pastels are the annual tone for spring weddings and borderline neon shades were in for summer.

Jewel Tones

Next fall, deck out your bridesmaids in jewel tones. Purple hues, from burgundy, to wine, to plum, are all the rage this fall. Brides who prefer a traditional, Victorian-era vibe will be thrilled by the popularity of dusty pink blush, icy blues, and ivory as well.


Emerald Green

Emerald green is making a huge push this season, not only in dresses but also in engagement rings. A number of brides are shying away from the traditional diamond engagement rings and opting for other types of colored stones, including emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. If you have an engagement ring with one of these colors and are planning a fall wedding, consider highlighting it in your engagement photos.

Many couples use one of their favorite engagement photos on their save the date cards, so you could introduce the jewel tone palette of your wedding to your guests before they even arrive.



Brides who like stylish colors or want more of a Gatsby vibe are also in luck. Metallic colors are huge this fall, on everything from dresses to decorations. You can even add a metallic sheen to your wedding cake! Naturally, copper – the epitome of autumn – is the most popular hue for 2016. Incorporate this color in the form of decorative leaves, plates, and flatware, candlesticks, chairs during the ceremony – the list goes on. It can function as a primary color or a neutral, depending on your theme and preference.


Unless you already have one in mind, choosing a color palette for your wedding can be difficult, no matter what season. Think about the theme/vibe you want for your wedding. Will it be black tie at night or a casual brunch affair? Typically, nighttime brings on a darker, sexier vibe, so you can get away with more dark or contrasting colors than you could at a daytime brunch.

Is there a jewel color that goes especially well (or especially poorly) with your skin tone? Remember, you’ll be taking a lot of photos with your decorations, which will also be part of your color palette, so you’ll want to be sure you look great standing among them.

Planning Ahead for Next Year’s Halloween


And, since yours will be a fall wedding, do you and your fiancé really love Halloween? If so, and you are planning to have a Halloween-themed affair, then this will be very easy for you. (Black and orange and lots of fun/scary decorations!)

Fall-Themed Jewel Tones

For those who are not having a Halloween wedding, start by selecting one or two well-suited colors that you must have. From there, add in a couple of complementary colors that will act as accents. These will help pull all of the elements of your ceremony and reception. Once you have a color palette, you can use it to select everything, from your bouquet, to the reception table centerpieces, to the favor tags on the gifts for your guests.

Second Dresses

Another popular trend for weddings is brides having a second dress for the reception. Typically, this one is shorter and makes it easier for them to dance. If you want to get in on the jewel-toned fun, consider switching up from the traditional white or ivory into another color during the reception.

If you prefer to remain in white but do want to have a pop of color against your dresses, go for one of the other big fall 2016 wedding trends: huge, wild bouquets of freshly picked flowers, brightly colored statement jewelry, or jewel-toned heels.

More Jewel Tone Fun

Other decorative ideas involving jewel tones include covering your guest book in a lush velvet or velour cover, using darkly colored linens on the reception tables that match your color palette, incorporating non-traditional centerpieces including painted fruit and multicolored glass, or adding forest-inspired imagery to your otherwise naked cake. Regardless of what palette you decide to go with, make sure you love the colors you have.

There are so many options, and you only have one special day. Be sure it symbolizes the two of you as a couple, and everything else will fall into place.

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