Edible Elegance: A Simple Guide to the Perfect Wedding Cake

wedding cake

After you’ve said yes to the groom, Say Yes to the Dress. Then it’s time for the fun stuff, and every new bride-to-be knows that means cake tasting. Finding your perfect wedding cake means visiting several bakery shops and eating all the free cake you want. Such a daunting task, right? Dig deep, ladies, to make sure you accomplish your mission. Creamy frosting, chocolate filling, marzipan, and red velvet will all vie for your attention. Your wedding cake will be a focal point of the reception, so make sure you give everyone something to talk about.

What You Need to Know Before You Go Cake Tasting

Before you even assemble a list of possible bakers and bakeries to design your cake, you need to have a few things in order. Find out what look you like; traditional white isn’t the only option anymore. Metallic, soft iced cakes, or hand-painted, there is a style for everyone. Choose a look and taste that suits your style. If you’re having an intimate outdoor wedding with hand-crafted details, an elegant white cake is not for you. Think outside the box for your perfect fit.

Find your florist first. It is always a good idea to get your flowers selected and designed before you start discussing the creation of your cake. This is because more often than not brides want to utilize the colors of the flowers or weave their design into their wedding cakes in some fashion. The number of guests is also important, because it will determine the minimum number of tiers you’ll need for your wedding cake. Three tiers typically serves fifty to one hundred people.

Be realistic about your budget, and go into each cake tasting with a firm number. Ask them honestly if they can design what you want within your budget. Molded shapes, sugar flowers, tiers, and other add-ons all up the price of your cake. Using real flowers and fresh fruit are among the ways you can keep costs lower but still maintain a beautiful finish. With knowledge, you have the power to get what you want without pressure or an increase in your budget.

Choosing the Right Cake Designer

Now that you have your budget, vision, guest list, and flowers in mind, it’s time to find the right person or shop to design your wedding day cake. Keep in mind, a good cake designer will need at least three to six months to create your dream cake; if they’re in demand, you’ll want to book them even earlier. Start your search with word-of-mouth suggestions from friends and family. Your florist will also be a good person to seek a recommendation from, as they typically work regularly with a specific baker and can back their reputation.

Once you’ve selected a few hopefuls, use their websites to look at previous and current designs, and have a phone conversation with each. Ask how they would define their style, and request an estimated price per guest. This should whittle the list down to two to three bakers. Now for those free taste tests you’ve been looking forward to! In each tasting, be sure to follow these steps:

  1. Look through their portfolio, specifically focusing on their work concerning the details you want, such as intricate sugar flowers. Are your preferred designs in their wheelhouse? Do they show versatility and uniqueness? Do they have the manpower and resources needed to complete the job on time?
  2. Taste test – even if you already have a preferred flavor, try all of their samples, because you never know if something they specialize in may just turn out to be your thing. The flavor of the cake must taste as good as any dessert you’ve ever tasted. If it doesn’t, keep moving.
  3. At the end of the day, it’s all about the vibe. Do you feel a personal connection to this cake designer? You will be working with them for months, and this is a huge part of your wedding. Do you trust them to execute your vision, and can you count on them?

Don’t Forget These Wedding Cake Tips

You’ve booked your perfect cake designer, but don’t forget these important essentials.

Keep the conversation going. They have your design in mind, but make sure they really understand it with pictures, information such as colors, formality, dress, flowers, menu, wedding invitations, and more. Check in often, and get updates on the progress.

Get it in writing. Get every minute detail from the number of flowers on each tier to the wedding date in your contract, and have both parties sign. This way there is no misunderstanding on either side.

Spectacular weddings are in the details, and this is an important one. When you and the groom cut the cake, it’s a special moment. Be sure to order a personalized wedding cake server set. It is a precious keepsake you’ll want to have long after the wedding.

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