DIY Projects for Weddings


The fall season is the perfect time to have a beautiful outdoor wedding. With the changing colors, there are endless ways to decorate. When planning your wedding, you likely won’t have the budget to include absolutely everything you’d like to in the festivities. Don’t worry. There is a solution. Do it yourself!

Here are some DIY wedding ideas that can be used to add a personal touch to your upcoming nuptials. They are simple, cost-effective, and fun to make.

Bridal Party Survival Kits

These essential kits will help your bridal party through any emergency, whether it is a hem that needs a stitch, a headache that needs to be treated, or chapped lips requiring balm. Choose a variety of products such a lip balm, mints, sewing kits, bandages, and ibuprofen to place in a small ziplock sandwich bag. Label each bag either Bride’s Survival Kit for the bridesmaids or Groom’s Survival Kit for the groomsmen. They will all appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Log Centerpieces

A log centerpiece is perfect for a fall or winter wedding. Take some branches from your back yard and drill holes in them deep enough to insert tea lights. Drop the tea lights in the holes, and you have made some seriously budget-friendly table décor.

Decorated Vases


Instead of spending money on expensive, pre-decorated vases, make your own for a fraction of the price. This easy project can be completed in a couple of hours. All you need are several simple, plain vases from a budget store such as Walmart. Take some decorating materials such as ribbon that match your color scheme and wedding theme, and turn the vases into artistic centerpieces your guests will admire.

Candle Holders

If the idea of having vases of flowers in the center of each table doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps some custom-made candleholders are something you’d like to try. One popular design is the wine cork candle holder, easily made at little or no cost, and which will help lend a nice conversation piece to the occasion.

Take all of your saved wine corks and place them in a large glass container. Place a smaller glass jar inside the larger one to hold the candle. Insert a candle that matches your color scheme or one that has a fall fragrance.

Within minutes you will have created a wonderful centerpiece to adorn your tables.

Pumpkin Table Numbers

This project is very simple and serves a dual purpose. Carve table numbers into small pumpkins and place one at each table. Your guests will love the fall decoration and the creativity of the table number.

Leaf Place Cards

When doing yard work, gather up some leaves and spray paint them gold. Once they are dry, take a permanent marker and write your guests’ names on the leaves. If you prefer, you can spray paint them another color that works with your wedding palette. The decorated leaves make beautiful table placecards.

Mason Jar Cocktails

A nice touch for any bar at a wedding is serving mason jar cocktails. Mason jars can be purchased in bulk and are inexpensive. You can choose different jars for each type of cocktail, and even include a menu detailing the composition of each drink.

You could even create a signature wedding cocktail, unique to your event, and serve the creation in special, take-home mason jars.

If you want to save on bar costs, make the cocktails ahead of time and creatively arrange them so they can be a part of your décor.

S’mores Favors

S’mores are a wonderful wedding favor idea for a fall wedding. Place all of your ingredients in a small basket like a berry basket. Tie the basket with ribbon or twine and add a custom-made tag. Guests will love the edible take-home treats.

Take-Home Candy


You can make this favor ahead of time. Place a variety of retro candies in different styles of screw top glass containers. On the day of the wedding, ask someone to arrange the jars of candy on a table and place small cellophane bags on the table, too. Post a small chalkboard sign asking guests to help themselves. Sugar tongs will work for removing the candy from the jars.

Final Thoughts

Next time you or someone close to you is getting married or is involved in the planning of a wedding, consider using some simple DIY projects to  make the event more intimate for you and the wedding party. DIY projects add a personal touch to the festivities, and they are usually inexpensive and easy to make.

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