DIY Boutonnières for Winter Weddings

Of all the special events in your life, your wedding is by far one of the most important ones. This is the beginning of your married life. This is the day you tie the knot with the one you love and will spend the rest of your life with. This is a huge celebration – not only for you, but for all the people you have invited to your wedding too.

Naturally, you want every single element of the Big Day to be flawless – and the boutonnières are no exception. So, how can you create superb boutonnières for a winter wedding? Making a boutonnière is like making a tiny bouquet. You start with your focal flower or object and add different colors and textures around it.

We have some DIY ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

Take Inspiration from the SeasonGroom adjusting his boutonniere

Winter is a celebratory season. Beginning with Thanksgiving, all the way to Valentine’s Day, you will have plenty of sources of inspiration.

  • Pinecones can be a wonderful centerpiece for your wedding boutonnières.
  • If you plan on having your wedding around Christmas, use pinecones, evergreens, and holly to create holiday-inspired boutonnières.
  • For a more elegant vibe, combine evergreens and/or pinecones with beautiful blooms – such as white or red roses.
  • Mistletoe is also a good fit for winter boutonnières. Plus, it adds a romantic touch as well, making the boutonnières more meaningful and sweet.
  • Cotton is a unique and beautiful element to include in winter wedding boutonnières. You can combine it with greenery or other winter-inspired elements. It will add a delicate, wintery vibe to your groom and his groomsmen’s attire.
  • Succulents are suitable for winter weddings, especially when combined with similar shades. Monochromatic succulent boutonnières will be an amazing choice for a rustic-chic event.
  • Baby breath boutonnières look delicate and lovely, and, given the white color and rustic vibe of these flowers, they are perfect for a winter wedding, too.
  • Winter berries are graceful and unique – so, if you want your boutonnières to look original, consider this option.

Add a Dash of Glamor

There’s nothing dull or simplistic about winter. In fact, this season abounds in opulence and luxury. Tables filled with delicious foods, highly-decorated trees, and glamorous New Year’s Eve parties – they are all a part of winter as much as Santa Claus.

If you want your boutonnières to be ultra-elegant and pretty, you can always steal inspiration from the glamorous part of winter. Here are some ideas for stunning boutonnières.

  • Create seasonal boutonnières (with pinecones, evergreens, etc.) and cover them in snow spray-paint. They will look elegantly frozen and majestic.
  • Want your boutonnières to be even more luxurious? Why not skip the natural elements altogether and create boutonnières from precious gemstones and brooches? Snowflake brooches will look fantastic as winter wedding boutonniere.
  • If you don’t want to stray away from tradition too much, you can always create classic boutonnières with dark gemstone-colored flowers.
  • Silver or gold-sprayed boutonnières can also add a dash of elegance and opulence to your groom’s look. This is a simple option if you want to make basic boutonnières stand out in a stylish, beautiful way.

Groom wearing boutonniere

Don’t Forget About the Wrap!

Once you have decided on the main elements you want to include in your wedding boutonnières, it is time to accessorize them with the perfect wrap. Below are some beautiful eye-catching ideas to inspire you.

  • If you are planning a rustic wedding, wrap your boutonnières in yarn or lace.
  • If your wedding is more elegant, surround your boutonnières in silk, satin, or velvet ribbon that incorporate the colors of the season.
  • Other boutonniere wrap ideas include natural elements – such as leaves or sprigs.
  • For a vintage wedding, wrap your boutonnières in embroidered fabric.

There are numerous options when it comes to the method you use for your boutonniere wraps. You can wrap them all the way through (for an elegant note), halfway through (for a chic and stylish look), or tie a small bow (for a playful touch).

Most Importantly, be Creative and Have Fun!

This is your wedding – so create boutonnières that mirror your love story and style. If you have a favorite type of flower, go ahead and incorporate it in your boutonnières. If you don’t want to include flowers at all, that’s okay, too!

You don’t get married every day – so, make this event genuinely special. Sprinkle it with your memories, personality, and elements that are meaningful for your relationship. More than anything, though, enjoy this fabulous event in your life! Seize every single moment of it and rejoice – it truly is a unique, and fantastic celebration of you and your loved one!

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