Creative Proposals that Made Us Swoon

Creative-Proposals That Made Us Swoon

If there is one story you will tell for the rest of your life, it is your proposal story! Modern men are taking that meaningful moment to a whole new level with creative ideas popping up every day.

Beaches, backyards, scoreboards, and scavenger hunts: Nowhere is off limits for a well-planned proposal. And, since so many men hire a photographer to capture this special moment, we get to enjoy the story, too! While every proposal story is heartwarming, some men have gone above and beyond to truly make her heart melt.

Grab your box of tissues, because the following proposals are guaranteed to get some tears flowing.

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The Helicopter Groom

Elma and Al are like so many busy modern couples – they met over social media! After surviving a long distance relationship and dating for about three years, Al decided it was time to make things official. The couple had recently moved in together in New York City, so he suggested they take a helicopter tour of their beloved hometown. After years of adventures and unconventional dates, Elma excitedly agreed without a second thought.

The day of the helicopter ride, Elma had to attend a breakfast function for work, which required her to dress more formally than usual. She dressed up nicely and spent a little more time on her appearance than she would have for a typical work day. When Al picked her up after the event, she was surprised to see him wearing a suit. He claimed he wanted to take some nice pictures during the ride, and even brought his camera to prove it. She jumped into the car, and they drove off to meet the tour.

Once they were in the air, Elma was overwhelmed by the fantastic view. She had never seen her wonderful city from this perspective. As she turned around to tell Al how perfect it was, he was down on one knee with the ring in hand. While she doesn’t remember exactly what he said, she cherishes the incredible happiness and love she felt at that moment. Al had even arranged for another passenger to record the whole thing. Once they were back on the ground, the photographer took a few beautiful photos of them together to commemorate the moment.

New York City Skyline

We just know these two will have the most chic NYC wedding imaginable. Hopefully they will include the helicopter in some wedding details to personalize their day.

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The Same-Day Bride

Zach and Catie met at a hotel in Austin, Texas. Zach traveled often for business, and Catie was working the front desk whenever he was in town. In a courageous move, he asked her out one night while he was grounded by a snowstorm. She met him in the hotel bar after her shift, and the rest is history! After years of dating, they moved to Denver, Colorado together. A few months later, Zach planned a weekend getaway to Vail, which Catie thought was going to be for just the two of them. Little did she know that Zach had something different on his mind.

Once they arrived in Vail, Zach led Catie up to a fascinating scenic overview of the mountains surrounding them. After all of his months of planning, he couldn’t wait another minute. He immediately got down on one knee and proposed! But that was just the beginning of the surprise. After she had given him a resounding “yes!” he had one more question: “Do you want to get married today?” She turned around to see both of their families and closest friends coming up the mountain to greet them. In all the surprise and confusion of hugs and greetings, it took her a while to understand his question. A same day wedding? She decided it was the best idea ever.

Love and Rings in HandsZach had planned every last detail. He recruited her friends and her mom to pick out a dress, he lined up the photographer and officiant, and he coordinated suits and ties with his groomsmen. Four hours later, Catie walked down the aisle and said “I do” to her best friend. And she wouldn’t have had it any other way. “I never wanted a big wedding,” she said. Catie claimed Zach knows her better than she knows herself, because she loved every detail. Zach planned the perfect surprise wedding that focused on the most important things: love, family, and friendship.

Zach took a huge risk, but it worked out marvelously. We can’t imagine someone else picking out our wedding dress. Huge congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs.!

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A Literary Couple

Lauren and Chris met in college, but drifted apart after graduation. After he had watched her compete in, and win, the Miss Rexburg scholarship pageant, they reconnected and knew it was meant to be. After a whirlwind year of catching up, Chris created an elaborate scheme to propose in the most unique and touching way.

Chris enlisted the help of friends to send Lauren on a scavenger hunt, but not just any scavenger hunt. He created a detailed, Harry Potter inspired hunt! One of his friends delivered a red rose and the first clue to Lauren, sealed with a wax seal of the Hogwarts crest. The clues directed her to one of their favorite spots, a bench on a bridge where they spent part of their first date. At the bridge, Chris’s parents were waiting with another rose and another sealed clue. Lauren knew something important was happening!

This second clue sent her to the Japanese Gardens, another favorite and important place in their relationship. When Lauren arrived, her parents were waiting for her. She knew exactly what the end of the hunt would be, then, and shared a special moment with her parents before they handed her the next rose and the next clue. Her destination was the local Temple of the Church of Latter Day Saints, where Chris and Lauren knew they wanted to get married. Her siblings met her at the Temple with a large bouquet of roses and the last clue.

Proposal letter sealed with waxThis final clue sent her home, where Chris was waiting for her in the driveway, all dressed up in his nicest suit. He led her into the backyard, where he had spread rose petals in the shape of a heart. He told her how much he loved her and how he knew he wanted to spend forever with her. When they stepped into the center of the heart, Chris knelt and asked her to marry him. After she had sealed her yes with a hug and kiss, they headed inside to join their families to celebrate.

After the romance of the proposal, we’re sure the wedding will be absolutely magical! It would be beautiful if they designed their own seal to use throughout the wedding, to tie in that thoughtful detail of the proposal.

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An Italian Romance

Quintin and Jessica met when she crashed a college mixer for the men’s rugby team and women’s equestrian team. Though he called her bluff, that chance meeting turned into the moment of a lifetime. After several years and a move to San Diego together, they both knew the relationship was forever. As a celebration for Jessica’s high score on the California BAR exam, the couple planned a trip to Venice, Italy where Quintin had planned the perfect surprise for the romantic surroundings.

On the second night of their vacation, they had planned a gondola ride to a fancy dinner. When they climbed into the gondola, there was a woman in the boat speaking Italian to the gondolier. Jessica says this should have tipped her off, but she just assumed that was normal.

After they had settled in and set off, the woman pulled out a camera and snapped pictures as Quintin got down on one knee to ask for Jessica’s hand. She didn’t even let him finish before she pulled him in for a kiss! He later told her it was much more challenging than he had anticipated, getting to his knee in the narrow, moving gondola. They passed the rest of the trip in a haze of love and happiness.

We’re hoping this nice couple returns to Italy for a stunning destination wedding, but, even if they are married in California, they should definitely include the gondola in their wedding day.


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Here Comes the Bride and the Bride-to-Be

Brittany and Dale met at the gym, just as Brittany was putting herself back together after a bad relationship. Understandably, they decided to take it slow and started out with simple gym dates and a few movies. When they noticed the dates felt so right, they decided to get more serious and meet each other’s families, and they soon became a family of their own.

They welcomed a son after about two years of dating. With the stress of preparing to become parents, Jessica discarded the idea of trying to throw a wedding together quickly. Even after their son was born, she never expected the proposal Dale had in store.

Brittany was the maid of honor in her best friend, Kaydie’s wedding. As she watched Kaydie say her vows, she was overwhelmed with happiness for her friend and didn’t notice the nervousness written all over Dale’s face. When it came time for the bouquet and garter tosses at the reception, the dance floor was crowded with their expectant, single friends. But the bouquet and garter were never tossed.

Garter and Rings on Table

Instead, the bride handed her bouquet to Brittany, and the groom gave the garter to Dale. Brittany was confused until Dale sank to his knee and proposed in front of everyone. Her makeup was ruined, but she didn’t care. She accepted with pure joy.

Getting engaged at a wedding is unusual, but Brittany and Dale have one of the most fun stories to tell. We’re sure their wedding is going to be a tear-jerker, especially with their adorable little son involved!

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A Prince and His Princess

Chris and Toey’s relationship started off as creatively as the proposal. They attended the same high school, but Toey ignored most of Chris’s initial attempts to catch her eye. It wasn’t until he presented her with an employment contract with himself listed as “boyfriend” that he got through! His humor captured her heart, and they have been inseparable ever since. Their favorite place in the world is Disneyland, Hong Kong, and they buy annual passes every year. So, when it came time to propose, Chris knew exactly what to do.

Chris told Toey that his company was hosting a family day at Disneyland and asked her to meet him there. She agreed immediately, of course. A few days later, one of her friends told her she had heard about the event and asked Toey if she would get her tickets.

On the “family day,” Chris told Toey he had to go early to set things up for the company. Toey arrived in the afternoon with some of her friends and tried to get in touch with Chris as she entered. He wasn’t answering his phone.

Crown sat on FlowersAs she kept trying to reach him, music came on, and the crowd around her cleared to reveal a line of her friends dressed up as her favorite characters. Suddenly, Chris danced through, dressed as a prince. After a quick performance, three of her friends came forward. Two of them handed her an enormous bouquet of roses, and the third gave the tiny ring box to Chris. He knelt in the middle of the square and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him.

We can’t imagine a more romantic and unforgettable proposal. Chris worked on the dance with Toey’s friends for six months to ensure everything was perfect for her surprise. With so much imagination put into the proposal, we are sure the wedding is going to be sublime! With more than a few nods to Disney, of course.

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If you have more happy tears to spare, (or want to leave a hint for someone) there are plenty more of the most inspiring proposal stories online. The best proposals are the ones that show how much a man cares for his girlfriend and how committed he is to create a beautiful life together. Whether he chooses an exotic locale or simply her backyard, the work he puts into his plans always pays off. If you’re a lucky lady who recently received a ring, congratulations!

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