Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

You’re engaged to the man of your dreams, and you couldn’t be more excited to start planning the wedding of your dreams. But, where do you even start? Chances are you’ve probably never planned a wedding before. You don’t know when you should send invitations or how to create a perfect wedding registry. And, that’s okay. There are going to be a lot of firsts on your wedding planning journey.

One of the fundamental parts of the wedding industry is that every bride hopes to only plan one wedding. Now, that’s not always the case, but it still holds true that most brides haven’t planned a wedding before and don’t always know what they are doing. With inexperienced brides, the chances that mistakes that could have been avoided are going to be made. Luckily for you, there are an enormous amount of brides that have gone before you who have plenty of advice on what not to do. To help you out, we’ve compiled some of the biggest wedding mistakes to avoid when planning your perfect day.

1. Doing Anything Before a Guest List

One of the biggest mistakes that brides make is that they want to make very important decisions without first creating a guest list. You can’t pick the perfect venue until you know how many people that venue needs to accommodate. You probably don’t even know what type of venue that you really need until you sit down with your significant other and go over all the people that you are going to invite. There is no point in booking a venue that holds 50 people when your fiancé’s side of the guest list is 100 people alone.

2. Setting the Date

After you have a guest list in place, you should think about the time of the year that you want to get married. The problem here is that so many brides just pick a random date that their venue has open and don’t think about the date itself. You should be mindful of the date you plan your wedding on. Is it close to a major holiday or family birthday? You might end up regretting having your wedding fall on your sister-in-law’s birthday every year.

3. Not Setting a Clear Budget Early

Now that you have a guest list and a date in mind, you can finally get to planning more fun parts of the wedding, right? Wrong. Before you get to dive into venues, and dresses, and flowers, you first need to set a clear budget that you are willing and comfortable to spend on this wedding. You don’t want to go try on dresses and fall in love with one only to get your heart broken when you find out that you can’t afford it. Whether you like it or not, your budget defines all of the other choices and decisions that you will make about your wedding. Having it set and discussed with everyone involved will save you a lot of heartbreak and hassle down the road.

4. Skimping on the Photographer

Let’s go ahead and get this one out of the way. Wedding photographers are expensive. That’s just a fact of life that you are going to have to deal with if you want to have a wedding and have photos of it. Yes, they are a lot of money, but they are well worth it. The photos that you have afterwards are one of the few things that you have after the wedding. You don’t get to keep the food or the flowers, five or ten years down the road, but photos last forever. Not hiring a photographer, and a good one at that, is one of the most regretted decisions, because those photos are what you get to keep forever.

5. Not Having a Backup Plan

If you are planning an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception, you should always have a backup plan. So many brides just hope that the weather will work itself out, but you can’t count on that. Yes, renting tents and umbrellas that you don’t use is costly and annoying. But, what if you don’t rent them, and then you wake up on your wedding day to the biggest monsoon of the century? You don’t want your guests to have to sit out in the pouring rain, and you don’t want to be out there, either, so plan ahead just in case.

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