Cascading Florals for Weddings

Cascading bouquets (also known as waterfall bouquets) are enjoying more popularity. One might get impressions of days of long ago of formal brides holding enormous arrangements. However, contemporary cascading bouquets are stylish, elegant, and very becoming.

These bouquets can range from rustic arrangements of willowy wildflowers, to magnificent sweeping flows of orchids. They are an adaptable floral feature that can add color, texture, drama, as well as a sense of the occasion to your wedding day facade.

Since centerpieces and bouquets are the two major wedding components that are being saturated by this vivid trend, they may also be found on wedding cakes and paired with ceremony decor. Incorporating spectacular cascades into your wedding will help to create a big impact with your wedding flowers.

Cascade centerpieces and runners are striking, but you will need many flowers to create this effect, which could end up being somewhat costly. If you need to be mindful of your expenses, then think about using cascade runners or centerpieces on just a few tables or only on the bride and groom’s table.

A Brief History of the Cascading Bouquet

Cascading bouquets have a lengthy history of being “the” arrangement for formal weddings. They are a more contemporary form of what was formerly referred to as a shower bouquet, which appeared around 1910 and peaked in the 1920s and 30s, and then seemed to fade away after WWII. The trend appeared again in the 1980s at Princess Diana’s wedding, but in a smaller version of the shower bouquet, and was then referred to as a cascading bouquet.


The impression you wish to create will depend on how large and trailing your bouquet will be, as well as the flowers and color combinations you select. If you desire a flowing floral masterpiece, then use a blend of plush, large flowers, such as peonies and roses. If a more subtle approach is desired, then use one variety of flower and supplement it with soft jasmine and trailing ivy, for instance.

Organic Arrangements

Modern-day brides should choose a rustic, foliage-heavy bouquet to create a stylish look. Cascading bouquets are making a comeback, but in a more natural way, which is achieved by combining seasonal foliage which gives them a more realistic appearance. You should also be sure, however, that this will fit in with the style of your wedding. If you have an outdoor wedding, cascading bouquets have a tendency to look the most organic and appropriate for the setting.

Show-Stopping Blooms

It is important, of course, to be sure to select an arrangement to match your personal style. Since cascading bouquets are quite impressive, you need to be able to incorporate flowers of different lengths, especially flowers which have long stems. These are usually roses and calla lilies, which come in a selection of vibrant colors.

Perennial Options

Modern techniques make blooms from around the globe available year-round for brides to select to use in their bouquets. Contemporary brides can take advantage of using more exotic flowers, such as orchids and amaranths. Many flowers exist which can make the bouquets unique for each bride.

Flowing Bouquets

Cascading bridal bouquets should be lightweight, natural looking, and comfortable to hold, so brides should choose flowers that require minimal organization. Flowers which are the best to use are ones that have natural movement and flow downward, such as Hellebore and Phalaenopsis orchids. Avoid foliage and flowers which have stiff stems, since it is more of a challenge to have them flow naturally.

How to Choose Your Colors

The colors you select for your flowers are very important. A lot of brides choose an all-white or all-ivory color scheme. If that appeals to you, be sure not to forget the foliage. Leaves are a natural backdrop for flowers, as they will help the white flowers to be noticeable beside your white dress. Be sure to include some naturally cascading flowers where blooms occur along the length of a stem, such as freesias.

Monochromatic bouquets, where the flowers are all a similar color, but often different shades, shapes and textures, have become very popular with brides. If you are seeking an unusual color combination, such as white and blue, it is usually more effective to add an artificial element like wire or ribbon in the blue color, since genuinely blue flowers rarely exist. Keep in mind that you may want to coordinate colors with the other colors that will be associated with you wedding, such as the colors of the invitations.

Consider the Wedding Cake

A high point of every wedding is the cake. Wedding cakes which are adorned with flowers are very popular. Beautiful blooms add vibrancy to a more or less basic cake for a moderately low cost. It also allows the bride and groom to omit expensive decorative methods and use less costly floral decorations instead.

Although flowers made from sugar are more costly than fresh flowers, the imitation blossoms still remain an economical means of upgrading your wedding cake. And the best part about using the imitation flowers is that the color and design options are endless.

If you would rather use real flowers, be sure to select those currently in season. Make sure they complement the theme of your wedding. A very popular way to include flowers on your wedding cake is to top it with fresh blooms. Many couples are going this route instead of using traditional cake toppers.

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