All You Need to Consider When Mixing the Soundtrack of Your Wedding

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We all understand that planning a wedding is no easy task. First, the happy couple must agree on a season, the ceremony’s size, their budget, and a venue, and then they must reserve a date and minister, as well as agree on a guest list and mail the save the date cards. It can get kind of busy and stressful!

After all of the planning hubbub, it can be easy to put off deciding what songs will be played at your wedding. This includes the “First Dance” as husband and wife, the Father-Bride dance, the Mother-Groom dance, and what your guests will be celebrating to all night long! Also, how will the music be played? Will you choose to be economically conservative and play everything from your iPod? Alternatively, will you treat everyone to a live band?

Read along to figure out what you need to consider when choosing the soundtrack to your wedding.

Your First Dance

It would be wise for you and your future spouse to agree on what song will be playing for your first dance. The first dance is something all of your guests are going to “awww …” about, so you must be intentional with its song selection.

Consider what tone you want this moment to have. You both could be:

The Romantic Classicists: Select a song where the lyrics truly speak to your relationship. Let the room and observing eyes melt away as you stare into your lover’s eyes and pull him or her close.

Comedic: All right, so maybe you think the “romantic first dance” trope is overrated, and you want to have fun at your wedding. Choose a cheeky song you both can bust out your fanciest moves to and have your guests laugh in good fun.

Rebellious: Similar to being comedic, you and your spouse just want to have fun. You could always rock out to AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” or “Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith to get the reception going.

Nervous: Oh, brother; nobody wants to be nervous about the spotlight at their wedding reception. But we get it. For some, it cannot be helped. That is why, for this situation, picking a song that is familiar, warm, cute, and easy to dance to is a very good idea.

Real Smooth: Are you aware of your starlet looks, and you think that you and your spouse won’t be able to keep your hands off each other? Okay, we will not argue with you. Lead Gramma out of the room and play a sexy song for movin’ and groovin’.

Your Dance with Mom or Pop

If you took so much time to consider the song for “your first dance,” do not forget mom or pop. You will need to give them their designated dance, too!

Now, there may be less pressure here. After the first dance, guests will have started migrating to the buffet and open bar. Still, you will want to consider what tone you would like this dance to be. Do you want it to be sweet and nostalgic? Select something with lyrics that call back to your childhood and enjoy an easy, slow dance. Or is your parent an embarrassing goofball? If so, you will both be more comfortable with something upbeat and ridiculous.

Music for the Rest of the Evening

Moreover, what about the music that your guests will have to endure for the night? It is important to pick a genre and pick a theme for them based on what they will enjoy!

Are you fresh love-doves out of college, and most of your guest list has just barely graduated university? Load up your playlist with all the Top 40, indie bands and Ed Sheeran that you want.

Is most of your guest list family of all ages? You can keep it wholesome and eclectic, encompassing hit songs from throughout the decades.

Is this an older crowd? Consider treating them to the many tunes of Elvis, The Rat Pack, and Ella Fitzgerald. Be sure to include classic rock as well.

Who Is Going to Play the Tunes?

Geez, do not just mull over which songs to play. You still need to consider how your wedding soundtrack will be played. These days, the most affordable options are to hire a live band, to hire a DJ, or to simply hook up your iPod to the venue’s sound system.

Hiring a band will likely be the most expensive option. However, the upside is that you will have a group of talented musicians playing just for you. There are regional bands who specialize in performing for weddings and which are skilled in performing cover songs tailored to the couple.

DJs are a significantly cheaper alternative to a live band. Plus, sometimes they bring their own disco lights and dance floors. They can also make stellar emcees. The married couple can provide a DJ with their custom playlist.

Feeling Creative?

What would be lovelier than leaving your soundtrack as a parting gift for guests to commemorate your relationship? Browse the internet for some cute ideas on how to present a mix CD as a gift. Or, you can even theme your wedding invitations around your favorite songs. We recommend that you start now. A wedding can never be planned enough!

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