A Chance of a Lifetime



The secret will be out soon! There will be a familiar face on national television this February. The American Wedding will be featured on The Balancing Act, a television program on the Lifetime Network.


The Balancing Act is a talk show that has all range of subjects. We are excited to be featured on the show all about weddings. We will get to share with brides the importance of all of the wedding stationery. There are a lot of different items that are needed for a wedding! But there’s always the question… when and what do you need to buy? And also, why buy invitations when so many people do it yourself? We’ll be dishing out all kinds of useful information on why we are the best in the business.



We also are going to unveil some delightful new enhancements that are coming to The American Wedding. They are so exciting and incredible we can’t wait until we’re up live and running. Let’s just say, we’re taking buying wedding stationery to the next level. It’s something unlike you’ve never seen, and we can’t wait to show it to you! We will have to keep our mouths shut until the show airs on February 15, 2016… but it’s going to be hard to keep this once in a Lifetime secret a secret!


What we can share are some behind the scene pictures of us on the show! It was such a fun experience and we were honored to be chosen for the feature.

20151111_104559 (1)  20151111_104703 (4)Here’s a behind the scene look at the production side of the t.v. show.

20151111_104547 (5) 20151111_104532 (2) 20151111_104519 (2) 20151111_104516 (1)The cameras and the set is getting ready for our taping.

20151111_07241820151111_085307  And so are we!

20151111_104615 (3)

They’ve won a lot of awards!

20151111_10370420151111_103519 The filming is over and we are excited to be done!

Us ladies from The American Wedding had a great time! Can’t wait for the show to air February 15th on The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television!


It truly was a Chance of a Lifetime!

See our Teaser Clip Here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/wjQRwJn4WPw”

And watch for us on Feb. 15!



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