8 Wedding Cake Flavors That You Have to Try

White wedding cake with blue accents and flowersWhen it comes to weddings, sometimes the cakes are just as important as the dress. Tired of the usual white or chocolate cake? Don’t want to dish the extra funds for a dessert table to dress up the cake? Check out these eight unique cake flavors that will add spice to any ceremony and serve as the perfect ending to dinner.

1. Cake: Lemon Poppy Seed
Filling: Lemon curd or raspberry jam
Icing: Lemon or vanilla buttercream or fondant

If you’re a fan of the lemon poppy seed muffins from America’s favorite coffee shop, then you’ll love this cake! Imagine layers of your favorite muffin layered with delicate raspberry jam and covered in a smooth, lemon buttercream frosting. These flavors are great for garden weddings during spring and summer. If you’re planning for a day or morning wedding, consider this flavor. The refreshing zest from the lemon cake is light and would not be too heavy for your guests during brunch.

2. Cake: Chocolate Fudge
Filling: Coconut Caramel Fluff
Icing: Chocolate Coconut Buttercream

If you’re a German chocolate lover, but looking for a new spin – look no further! This decadent cake is balanced with the airy coconut caramel fluff and the chocolate coconut buttercream. This combination is a bold choice for a chocolate cake. If the coconut is too wild for the palates of your guests, consider this flavor for your top tier – the first-anniversary cake.

3. Cake: Vanilla Cinnamon
Filling: Chili Infused Chocolate Buttercream
Icing: Vanilla Fondant

This flavor is vanilla reinvented. The vanilla cake and fondant icing offer the perfect platform for the chili infused chocolate buttercream filling to shine. This flavor is an elegant choice as it challenges the taste buds to experience the rich chocolate, spicy chili, and subtle cinnamon. Though the chili might seem overwhelming, it is nicely balanced with the vanilla cake and icing, making it an excellent neutral cake flavor.

Slice of vanilla wedding cake with fondant

4. Cake: Graham Spice Cake
Filling: Apple Butter or Marshmallow Fluff
Icing: Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting or Torched Meringue

This flavor exudes winter, toasty fireplaces, and the call of the holidays. While not a common choice, this unique blend of flavors will delight your guests at your cozy winter wedding. Combine graham spice cake with marshmallow fluff and chocolate meringue icing to have cake version of a s’more, the dessert of the season. For an elegant spin on the spice cake, opt for the apple butter filling paired with cinnamon cream cheese frosting. Another kind of Spice Cake, perfect for any autumn wedding, is a Pumpkin Spice Cake with pumpkin filling.

5. Cake: Pink Champagne
Filling: Rum Infused Custard
Icing: Whipped Cream Champagne Frosting

Is your wedding theme Monte Carlo Night? How about Night in Paris? Toast the night away with a pink champagne wedding cake! Not for younger guests, this cake flavor will add elegance to any formal affair. Discuss with your cake decorator using your favorite champagne or rum to add a special, personal touch. You can guarantee your guests will want to take a slice for the road.  This flavor is also perfect for New Year’s Eve weddings!

6. Cake: Carrot
Filling: Grand Marnier Cream Cheese
Icing: Lavender Buttercream

Carrot cake doesn’t have to be “vintage” flavor. Challenge your taste buds and give traditional a makeover with this carrot cake flavor. A recent trend in aroma infused desserts like rosewater and orange blossom ice cream has many opting to challenge their taste buds with these stimulating flavor profiles. The orange tang of the Grand Marnier adds depth the cream cheese filling, while the fragrant lavender buttercream frosting provides a unique and delicious contrast. This cake is not for the faint of heart but, for those daring enough, the rewards will be sweet.

White wedding cake with musical note ribbon and white flowers

7. Cake: Coconut
Filling: Key Lime
Icing: White Buttercream Fluff

This airy, refreshing coconut key lime cake has the island calling our name. The tropical flavors make this cake perfect for any beach or island destination wedding. The fruity tang of the filling is sweetened by the coconut cake and fluffy vanilla buttercream. The light flavors will not slow down your beachside party, even in the moist tropical weather. If you like piña colada flavored wedding cakes, simply replace the key lime filling with a pineapple jam with small pineapple chunks. This combination will make your cake shine in your ceremony.

8. Cake: Crème de Menthe
Filling: Chocolate Fudge Ganache
Icing: Crème de Menthe Infused Whipped Cream

Chocolate mint lovers, rejoice! This cake flavor is for you. The Crème de Menthe cake and whipped cream frosting hold their own against the chocolate fudge ganache filling. The heaviness of the fudge is tastefully balanced with the light, minty cake and whipped cream. Though a unique flavor, this specific combination of richness and flavor profile will make it appetizing for all guests.

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