5 Things to Consider When Creating Your Wedding Invitations

wedding invitation

You have a lot of things on your mind when you’re planning a wedding. There’s the food, the beverages, the guests, and, of course, the dress! But, before all of that comes into play, you’ll want people to know that you want them there on your special day. Cue the wedding invitations! They may seem like a smaller task to take care of during your planning, but you’ll want them to represent you as a couple and set the tone for your wedding day. In saying that, wedding invitations are very important, and they can be a fun part of the process.

When you choose your wedding invitations, you’ll realize that there are a lot of different options, and sometimes it’s difficult to choose just one. There are, however, some things that you can use to make your decision process easier. Check out this list of 5 things to consider that will help you decide on the perfect wedding invitations for you.

Theme of the Wedding

The theme that you choose for your wedding will be a great indicator of what your invitations might look like. Depending on the theme, you can decide on invitations that have a simple design for a rustic wedding, or lots of layers for an elaborate wedding.

Many of an invitation’s small details, such as the typefaces and decorative materials, can help guests to get a feel for what they can expect on your day. If your location is out at an old barn, perhaps you’ll look for a wood-patterned paper or burlap details. If your wedding is going to be at the top of a skyscraper, then maybe you’ll incorporate a cityscape design or fancy calligraphy for your typeface.

Use your wedding invitations to send a teaser to guests about what they can expect for the special day.


If you’re having a hard time making any sort of wedding invitation decisions, an easy factor to take into consideration is price. If you can decide on a set budget for the cost of making your invites, then you will be able to rule out some styles and cut back to only a few options that are affordable for you.

For couples who are trying to stick to a budget for their wedding invitations, there will still be a wide variety of options to choose from. There are lots of options that are simple and elegant for less than $1.00 per invite, and budgeting will help you to feel good about the price and the look you’ve chosen.


Some couples choose to have a lot of information included in their invitations, such as location directions, table numbers, meal choices, etc. Others may decide to offer some of that information at a later date, or not at all. Depending on how much information you want to include in your invitation, this can also help you to decide what type of invitation you want to use.

Many invitations have folders or pockets, which create extra space for added information as well as a touch of luxury to the design. If you’re looking to have all of the information on one face, then you might consider a more simplistic style, with either some opening flaps or none at all.

Deciding on your text will also be a space/size factor, depending on the amount of information you want to use, the length of the names, the size of the typeface, etc. It is suggested that you decide on all of the information you want to mail out first, so that you have a better idea of how big/spacious you need the invites to be. Reviewing our list of fonts is a great starting point for some invitation inspiration.


If anything else, wedding invitations should speak to the personality of the couple-to-be. The people who you are inviting to your wedding have been a special part of some part of your life, and they probably know you quite well. Surprise your guests with invitations that speak to the personality of you and your partner. If you’re loud and fun, consider bright pops of color and bold text, or perhaps metallic colors and precise calligraphy for a couple who enjoy the finer things in life.

Whatever it may be, choose a wedding invitation that speaks to you as a couple, and that you have a certain connection to.

Color Scheme

If all else fails, then one of the best ways to start searching for a beautiful wedding invitation design is to look to your wedding colors. This is a great component to factor in, regardless, because you’ll want the invitations to reflect your wedding-day style!

Try to decide on 1-3 main colors for your wedding palette, and use these to decide on a color spread for your invites. You can focus in on a few invitations that you really like based on color, and then add accents of other hues to create a look reminiscent of the upcoming day.

Whether you’re planning to send out invites that are clean and fresh or elaborate and detailed, make sure that your invites speak to the couple that you are. Your guests are coming to celebrate you! So give them something that will have them looking forward to such a great day with the two of you. Remember these 5 factors that will help you to choose a wedding invitation perfect for your special day.

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