20 Bachelorette Party Ideas & Themes


So, the wedding invitations have been sent, the venue booked, and most importantly, she said yes. The bride’s done her part, and now it’s your turn, as her close girlfriend, to do yours. We suggest picking a great bachelorette party theme that doesn’t invoke the dread of Chippendale’s. If you feel a little stumped on great ideas, we’re here to help narrow things down a bit. Here are 20 options we think are especially unique, interesting, and, of course, lots of fun.

image002Don On Some Boots and Hit a County Western Bar

Let the southern girl inside of you sneak out for a night or two. You can make a whole weekend of it with a trip to Nashville or Memphis, or just hit up a few local country and western bars, cowgirl hats in hand. You can customize some invitations, pick out a fetching  outfit, and find a good line or square dance class nearby. It’s a great way to brush up on some dance moves and have a little fun while you’re at it. Whatever you do, though, make sure you don’t forget those cowboy boots!


image004Spice Up Tour with a Museum Hack

We know nobody wants to show up at a bachelorette party just to end up in a hushed, boring museum. Luckily, though, Museum Hack is not your typical museum experience. Try out something new and embark on a renegade tour with Museum Hack. This novel idea is starting to pick up steam and is now popping up in a number of cities. Search in your area to see if there’s one nearby. You’ll feel a little more mature than if you’d gone to a strip club, but you’ll have a lot more fun than you’d ever expect to in a museum.


image006Take a Burlesque Yoga Class

Here’s one that’s not as cliché as learning to pole dance, but a lot more fun than just a workout class. Burlesque Yoga is that perfect mix of the sacred and profane, and it’s becoming more popular for just that reason. It’s also a great and unique way to spice up a bachelorette weekend. Learn a fun sexy routine the bride can take home to her hubby-to-be, and burn a few calories in the process. Search around online to see if you can find a class near you.


image008Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Remember, the key to a great scavenger hunt is the theme. Try to think of something that will be fun for the whole party involved, but which will also be personal to the bride, too. Maybe a beer coaster from the groom’s and her favorite bar?Or a hunt to find a book written by someone with the groom’s or her first name?

You can really tie it together by customizing the invitations. Then, make the list, set the rules (for example, no purchasing of items, or you have to stay within a certain area), and, most importantly, pick the bar to meet up at afterward. That way you can compare all of your finds.


image010Play Paintball in Old Bridesmaid Dresses

You knew there was some reason you were keeping that ugly old bridesmaid’s dress. You just didn’t know it was to play paintball in! It may sound crazy, but more and more bachelorette parties are giving it a try. Bridal paintball will certainly be loved by the more extreme members of your entourage, and it will create an unforgettable night for everyone else, too. Just remember, though, make sure everyone wears a mask. You don’t want any black eyes for the big day!


image012Take a Road Trip Getaway


image013How long was it since you were all last on a road trip together? Part of growing up means it will probably be a lot longer until you get a chance to have one again. So, seize the weekend while you still can and find somewhere nearby (but not too close!) to take a long drive to. You can find a bed and breakfast nearby or maybe a few quaint restaurants — the real focus of the trip is spending time together and being stuck in a car with nothing to do but catch up.

image014How Well Do You Know Your Groom? Drinking Game

Don’t worry, the steps to the “How Well Do You Know Your Groom?” drinking game are simple. First, you’ll want to ask all of the bridesmaids to come up with questions for the groom. They can be raunchy (“Where’s the craziest place you’ve had sex?”), funny (“What do you do that annoys her the most?”), or sentimental (“When was the exact moment you knew she was the one?”). Send them to the groom to get his answers and, of course, swear him to secrecy.

Then, on bachelorette weekend, quiz the bride. If she gets the answer right, it means you and the entourage have to drink. If she gets it wrong, it means she does. Either way, you’ll learn a few new facts about the groom and have a lot of fun doing it.


image016Have a Pedal Party

Hop on the newest (and quickly growing) bachelorette party craze — the pedal party. Here’s how it works: You and the bridal party hop on a large, multi-person bicycle. You have to do the pedaling, but, don’t worry — there’s a bartender there to do the mixing. Have mimosas and Bloody Marys to fill up an afternoon, or wait for night and the serious cocktails.



Check out the Sprocket Rocket for a much-recommended option.  It’s a great way to tour the downtown of a city if you’re doing a getaway and also a great way to have some fun while doing just a bit of a workout.

image018Play Ex-Charades

Ex-Charades is exactly what it sounds like. You play charades, but instead of doing your worst Jim Carrey impression or trying to act like an angst-ridden Samantha in Sixteen Candles, you act out the bride’s exes. You know that football jock she dated in high school? Or that pretentious hipster she had a fling with in college? Well, how well can you act them out, and how well can she identify them? Careful, though; once you get through all of hers, she might act out some of yours to get you back.


image020A Trip to Wine Country

If stumbling your way drunkenly through a bar crawl is no longer your idea of a great weekend with the girls, try a trip to wine country instead. The beauty of this is you can make it as simple or complex as you want. You can go for the basic — a tour of a winery or two nearby — or really play it up with a full-blown bash in Napa. It’s a great way to loosen everyone up a little bit and, in the process, try out some wines you might not otherwise have done.


image022Pose for Your Glamour Shot

You can go for the standard here — lots of fluffy boas, silly hats, and neon wigs — or, if your budget allows for it, make it something really special. Book some time at a professional photography studio and find a theme. Thelma and Louise, Pink Ladies, or 80s Madonna — there are plenty of options to choose from. Try to think of something close to the bride or to you and your friends.

Some studios will have props and wardrobes on hand, so check ahead of time. Otherwise, you’ll just have to do some shopping beforehand to make sure you all look the part. There are worse ways to spend an afternoon, though, right?


image024Take a Trip to the Spa

Let’s be realistic. The bride has been spending the last few months of life planning a wedding — that’s a hectic, stressful experience, no matter who you are. Let the bride and bridal party relax with a weekend at the spa. Find one that features champagne and finger foods, and maybe even splurge on a round of massages. Instead of coming out of their bachelorette weekend feeling hung over and exhausted, everyone will feel relaxed and refreshed. And the bride will feel a little more prepared for the big day.


image026Catch a Drag Show

A fun and refreshing spin on the strip club stereotype, going to a drag show is not only more original, but a lot more fun. Do some searching in the area to see if any near you feature special nights or have especially rave reviews. These performers really know how to work it, and they’re sure to provide a good time. It’s a little scandalous and a whole lot of fun.


image028Throw a Slumber Party

More than likely it’s been way too long since you had your last really good sleepover. The bachelorette weekend is a great way to change that. You can watch all your favorite movies, see who can stay up the latest, maybe even try out a game of truth or dare, too. If a whole weekend sounds like it will leave everyone going stir crazy, consider just a night. After a full day of bachelorette adventures, you and the entourage will likely be exhausted. Spending a night in at a bit of a slower speed might be just what everyone needs.



image030Check Out a Comedy Show

Maybe you want a little raunchiness to your weekend without having to go the full monty, so to speak. Or maybe you want to have a good hard laugh like you haven’t in a while. Consider checking out a comedy show. You and crew can grab dinner and some drinks nearby as a pre-game, and then head over to the comedy club. Make sure you sit up close, though. If you make sure you are good and loud, you might even be able to grab the comedian’s attention and get a few jokes directed toward the bride to be.



image031Book a Cabin in the Woods

A weekend at a cabin provides a nice getaway so you and the entourage can relax a little and spend some time catching up. If you pick the right locale, you can find plenty of fun activities to fill the days with — from hiking to canoeing or paddleboarding. Maybe take a few excursions into civilization to restock up on wine and other necessities, but otherwise it’s a great way for the bride to spend some quality time with some of her favorite people in the world.


image034Dance the Night Away

See how late you can stay up and go clubbing like you used to. There are plenty of options with this idea — from jumping around with your friends at your favorite jukebox joint, to finding some signature dance classes on techniques like salsa or tango. There are few better ways to celebrate your friend’s latest life accomplishment than dancing the night away.


image035Sing Karaoke

If you or someone in the bridal party is a little on the shy side, don’t worry; karaoke is still an option for you. You can book a private room ahead of time so that only you and your friends will hear each other’s dulcet tones. If you are a little more on the adventurous side, take it to the big room, get up on that stage, and show them what you got. And if, for some reason, you are worried you might not be the best singer, don’t worry. After a few round of drinks, you won’t feel that way anymore.


image038Book an In-Home Cooking Class

Instead of spending all that money on a night out at a crowded restaurant where you’ll likely have to yell to hear each other over the music, book an in-home cooking class. You can hire top caliber chefs to help teach you how to cook a great meal. You can select the cuisine type so that it matches the bride’s favorite meal, or go out on a limb and try something you think she might find fun. The Bridal Party will walk away with a full stomach and a new recipe under her belt, all while getting to spend time in an atmosphere that’s a little more intimate.

image039Design a Fragrance

Here’s another idea that’s a little more off the beaten path. Fragrance parties are becoming all the rage. You can hire a professional to come to your house or book time at a perfumery. They’ll take you through the basics of making a scent and help provide tips on how to cater it to something you’ll like.

There are a lot of great companies out there now that will help you and your friends design some really unique signature scents. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon catching up, and then you’ve already got your perfume for when you go out on the town.


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