10 Wedding Truths Nobody Tells You

Getting married is supposed to be the best day of your life. However, it is also a day that flies by. There is so much going on that it seems like one minute you are getting hair and makeup done, and the next you are dancing as husband and wife. Don’t believe it? Just ask anyone who has already tied the knot! People claim they do not even get to taste their dinner because they are so preoccupied with other things.

Of course, you also hear about helpful tips, like to pack any emergency kit with stain remover, or how it will be practically impossible to use the bathroom by yourself in your ballroom gown. However, there are a number of random things that will happen at your wedding that you are not prepared for. For some reason, these details often get skimmed over, so check out these ten truths that nobody else talks about.

1. Just minutes before you walk down the aisle will be
the most nerve-wracking part of the day.

Considering the reception is basically one huge party, you will not get too worked up over things like cutting the cake or throwing the bouquet. However, right before the start of the ceremony, you may feel a little anxious. You are dressed to the nines from head to toe, so you should feel confident, but then you remember all eyes will be on you, and you alone. Even if you are an outgoing person, this might make you feel a bit uneasy.

Besides that, the vows are the most important part of the entire marriage. The kiss solidifies your union. It is a very big deal. You are making a lifelong commitment. But, try not to worry! You are ready for it. Your husband-to-be will be standing at the end of the aisle willing to take you by the hand. So, take a deep breath and cue the music!

2. The ceremony is the best part.

You can hardly wait to boogie the night away with all of your loved ones, but the ceremony is truly the magical moment of the day. Sometimes, guests tend to skip the ceremony and make it to the reception. However, this is completely backward! Do you know how many opportunities you will have to drink and dance throughout your lifetime? From birthdays, to girls’ night out, to bachelorette parties, you will be able to party.

The ceremony is the only time you will have a wedding. It is a beautiful time; from the vows to the kiss, it is a one-of-a-kind experience you will never feel again, so make sure you take it all in.

3. You will cry.

You are overjoyed to be married to your best friend. As you squeal on the inside every time you think about the upcoming day, you are telling yourself not to cry. You will cry tears of joy. It is hard not to be emotional during such an essential moment in your life. Your mom will most likely cry, too, only because she is so happy and proud of the person you have become. There is just something about weddings that bring out all of the lovey-dovey feelings.

The best thing to do is be prepared. You should wear waterproof makeup or eyelash extensions to avoid raccoon eyes and black streaks down your cheeks. Also, keep your mascara, lipstick, and tissues (remember the emergency kit!) on hand for quick touch-ups.

You can also practice your vows several weeks prior to the wedding day. If you are already crying to yourself in the mirror, it is best to keep saying the words over and over again. When the ceremony is finally here, you will at least be able to get through the vows a little better.

4. Your face will hurt from smiling.

From one extreme emotion to the other, your wedding day will be filled with happiness. Even if you are a little nervous and a little teary-eyed, you will be smiling more than anything! After all, your wedding day is the best day of your life. Even though unexpected things may occur, like rain, there is no reason to be a Debbie-downer. You are spending the day with all of your family and friends, and your new spouse! You will be smiling as you are eating, dancing, and drinking.

Besides that, you will also have your picture taken about a million times, and you will definitely flash those pearly whites each and every time. After a while, your lips might start to quiver as you hold your pose. Your cheeks will hurt, but it is totally worth it.

5. Your family and friends will show you so much love
and support throughout the entire day.

Chances are you had a little tiff before the wedding day. Whether you could not agree on the cake flavors or the guest list, you might have had a dispute or two. Instead of turning into a bridezilla, just take everything in stride. Planning a wedding, even with an unlimited budget, is always stressful. You need to perfect the wording on the wedding invitations and make sure you choose the ideal menu. There are so many decisions to make.

However, just like how weddings make everyone cry, they also make everyone show their love and support. Maybe it is the alcohol, but it is also your loved ones speaking the truth. They care for you and your significant other. Any problems you had in the past are magically forgiven at the wedding.

You will equally have loved ones who have never had any reason to complain or worry about your union. They could not wait for your marriage (those are the cousins who say, “it’s about time!”). They would not miss your big day for anything. All of your guests showed up to see you and your spouse. With that being said, they will give you all of their attention, too.

You are the stars of the show. They want to congratulate you, take pictures with you, and dance with you. From your grandma pinching your cheeks to your college friends chest bumping you, you will receive love and support from every single person.

6. You will want some alone time.

The day will fly by like a whirlwind, and you will need to sit back and breathe for a few moments. After all, you can barely go to the bathroom yourself! Perhaps after the dinner and before the dancing you can step outside and get some fresh air. You can take a few minutes to reapply some makeup or brush your hair.

You and your spouse can go for a little stroll before the last call for alcohol. It will be the first time you walk hand-in-hand as husband and wife. It will be a moment you remember your whole life.

7. You will be exhausted.

You will not be able to sleep much the night before your wedding day. Your mind will be running a mile a minute as you go over the seating chart in your head, your hairstyle, and how you imagine the day will unfold. So, right off the bat, you will most likely wake up sleepy. However, you will be thrilled for the sunrise and wake up excited. You can prep your skin the night before and ask your makeup artist to apply under-eye concealer to hide any dark circles or bags.

Your wedding day is a non-stop event. The itinerary is jam-packed with things happening every half hour. You start getting ready first thing in the morning. Then you go from saying “I do” and taking pictures, to toasting and eating. Before you know it, you are talking and dancing, and the night is over. It is almost like you blink, and it is done.

Although it goes by so fast, you will feel every minute of the day on your feet. The soles of your feet may throb and ache. You can try to prevent this pain by wearing a comfortable cushion in your shoes. When you finally hit the sack, you will let out a deep sigh of relief. Congratulations — you did it!

8. It will not go as planned.

This is not to say the entire day will be an inevitable disaster. However, you should assume that one or two things will go wrong, or merely differently than you expected. Even if you take extra precaution to plan everything to a tee, you should not be surprised when an unexpected issue occurs. After all, you cannot predict the weather!

It really does not matter if the problem is big or small; you just have to continue forward. Take everything in stride and know that, no matter what happens, at the end of the day you are married to the love of your life. Chances are your guests probably do not even notice the error and are still having the time of their lives at your wedding.

Always remember to not sweat the small stuff. Instead of overreacting, try to look for a
resolution. You and your husband can work together as a team; perhaps this is the first time you can show everyone (and each other) why you belong together.

9. The best moment will happen when you least expect

You can hardly wait to hear, “you may now kiss the bride.” However, this may or may not be the most magical moment of the
wedding. Although you are expecting fireworks to go off in your mind (or in real life), you might experience a special minute during your first dance, as you capture your photographs, or just looking at your groom from across the room.

The father-daughter and mother-son dance are often overlooked, but these songs may be the most memorable moments of the night. An impromptu speech from your best friend will include words that never leave your mind. In fact, there will be images from your wedding day that you store in your memory (and heart) for the rest of your life.

10. You will feel different.

Even if you and your better half dated for over a decade, you will feel something has changed after you tie the knot. You knew this moment was coming for years, and you thought nothing would change. You certainly do not want to get married to the person you adore and then have them start acting differently. The truth is, you will feel different, but in a good way. Everything is official.

You are legally husband and wife, so even though you lived together and maybe even have raised children together, things will shift slightly. From filing taxes to switching your last name, there are several different changes yo will have to adapt to after you become a Mrs. And yet, you will absolutely love being referred to as “my wife.” It really will never get old.

As you continue to plan your wedding, just know you can do whatever you want. You do not have to follow the traditional timeline. The sky is the limit when it comes to your ideas. There is really no right or wrong answer. If you want to get married at 8 o’clock at night, go for it. If you want to serve sandwiches and lemonade, that is your choice.

Embrace your personality, and the things you and your other half love. Your friends and family will applaud you for staying true to yourself. You do not have to wear a princess dress and host a fairy tale wedding if you prefer cowboy boots and country settings.

Even if you have been to dozens of weddings, yours will be unique. Your mom, sister, aunt, and cousin can tell you everything they know about weddings (and will reference their own).
However, just as you’ve read here, there are many things that you will not expect.

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