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Traditions: Wedding Traditions to Skip

bride throws the bouquet to unmarried girls Wedding Traditions.

Although weddings have been around for centuries, the traditions associated with them have shifted over time. While some traditions are more important to some people, it is common for couples to choose which ones they want to utilize in their own wedding and eschew some they consider outdated or which do not fit who they
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Wedding Trends: The Perfect Post-Wedding Brunch

brunch food

A brunch held the morning after a wedding is a wonderful way to spend some time with close friends and out-of-town guests after the excitement of the previous day. The brunch also provides a warm farewell for the bride and groom, who may be leaving for their honeymoon later in the day. A post-wedding brunch
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Planning: 12 Tips for Planning an Engagement Party Part II

In our first installment, we shared the first half of the tips you should have for planning an engagement party.  The second installment includes tips on delegating and personalizing the event. Select a venue. Classic venues include a restaurant or a home, but less traditional places work well, too.  Also consider someplace non-traditional, such as
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Planning: 12 Tips for Planning an Engagement Party (Part 1)


The engagement is on, and you’re excited.  Who wouldn’t be?  You’ve started a new phase in life, and soon you’ll be planning for your wedding day.  But before that starts, you’ll need to take in the celebratory vibes that only a wedding engagement can bring; hence the purpose of the engagement party.  We’d like to
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