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Planning: Need to Plan the Perfect Wedding?

Need to Plan the Perfect Wedding? Don’t know where to start? Frazzled? Unsure? If you feel any of the above, then this checklist is for you!Get on the right path with the right checklist to guide your wedding. The average engagement is sixteen months, so this guide follows that time frame. 16 Months Before Before
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Picture Perfect: 9 Ideas for the Perfect Rustic Wedding

wedding bouquet on rustic fence

The “perfect” weddings used to be hosted in lavish ballrooms, with more non-traditional weddings hosted on beaches along the coastline. That was the case until one word inspired an entirely new wedding movement, one that can be taken and delivered in a million and one different ways: Rustic. Such a simple word with an equally
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Vendors: Six Big Benefits of Small Wedding Vendors

bride and groom

You’re engaged, and you’ve set the date: Let the wedding planning begin! Bringing all the pieces together for an epic wedding – no matter the size – is a time-consuming and expensive proposition. You’ll probably spend more dollars on this single day and the week-long honeymoon that follows than on nearly any adult purchase you’ve
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