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Shout Out: Don’t Whine, Have Some Wine!

Vineyards keep growing in popularity in the wedding world. And why not? The romantic atmosphere, the delicious food, and yes of course there’s the wine. (Which is really all you need!) We found a great winery that is a blend of sophistication and rustic beauty. Welcome to Two EE’s Winery. Two EE’s has only been open
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Wedding Ideas: 5 Wedding Favors Guests Will Love

Wedding Flask

Have you ever come home from a wedding wondering what on earth you’re going to do with your wedding favor? Some brides and grooms may have spent a lot on their favors, but their guests just can’t seem to fit their gifts within their existing décor. One of the main problems with wedding favors is
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Shout Out: Simply Rachel Photography

We recently made friends with Simply Rachel Photography. She’s a photographer that is causing quite a stir for her beautiful photos. She specializes in Weddings Photos, Engagement Photos, Family Photos, Senior Photos, and Maternity Photos. All of them are fun and in her own unique photography style. Of course we were interested in the wedding
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