The Top 5 Picks for Destination Weddings

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting experiences that any couple will get to have.  The wedding itself will be an event that will hopefully remain a once in a lifetime experience, so of course everyone wants the big day to be as special and unique as possible.  Plenty of people opt for a traditional wedding, but if you’re willing to think out of the box and go big, then a destination wedding may be more your style.  There’s nothing that says you have to get married in any particular place, so why not pick a destination that maybe has significant meaning for you or just seems downright thrilling or romantic?

Destination weddings do tend to make people hesitate, what with the financial and logistical issues of it all, but every wedding comes with its own set of planning hurdles, so don’t let that stop you from dreaming big.  Whether you’re looking at a particular city/venue in the United States, or overseas, it always pays to see what kind of package deal you can get, as you can often save majorly this way.  If you’re planning on leaving the country, keep in mind that you’ll have to bring copies of important documents, and that these may need to be translated into the host country’s language.

The Greek Islands:

Scattered across the Aegean, the Greek Islands make for a beautiful backdrop for any wedding.  Known for its for whitewashed villages and towns, often perched dramatically above the brilliant blue waters below, the island territories of Greece offer a wide range of options for couples.  Each island seems to come with its own distinct feel.  Some are more cosmopolitan, others remote and serene, while still others come with a true Old – even Ancient – World feel.  Popular destinations include Crete, famous for its Minoan ruins and mountainous terrain; Corfu, desired for its medieval architecture, graceful villas, and numerous cultural attractions; and Rhodes, known for its striking views, archeological sites, and historic buildings.

Florida Keys:

Great for those wanting a taste of tropical paradise without having to leave the country, the Florida Keys offer distinct opportunities for culture and carefree relaxation.  Plan a beachside wedding or book a venue in a historic home or inn.  Key West is the main draw of the islands and makes for a perfect wedding location, considering that it offers easy access to venues, florists, caterers, and lodgings.  Apart from its multitude of white sand beaches, the Keys also boast impressive historical attractions, such as Fort Jefferson, Fort Zachary Taylor, and the Ernest Hemingway House.  Don’t miss out on the nightlife scene, either.


If you’re wanting tropical, but southern portions of the United States just aren’t exotic enough, then Fiji is definitely for you.  This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the laidback, tropical lifestyle that such island nations have to offer, while immersing yourself in a completely different culture.  Fiji is comprised of hundreds of islands, thus offering an almost endless array of opportunities.  The main island is a bit more cosmopolitan and comes with a wide selection of resorts, whereas smaller islands offer a bit more intimate peace and quiet.  Book in at a private hotel or inn, or partake in a great package opportunity at a private island resort.  One of the major benefits of arranging a destination at resorts like these is that they typically have wedding coordinators that can arrange not only the ceremony, but also handle all of the technical issues of getting married in a foreign country.

Italian Riviera:

A popular travel destination for any occasion, the Italian Riviera is a distinctly beautiful region that also happens to be perfectly situated for easy access to major European cities and regions.  San Remo, Genoa, and the quaint towns and villages of the Cinque Terre are all major hotspots for visitors, and absolutely perfect for weddings.  Genoa boasts an Old World, metropolitan vibe, offering great wedding venues as well as culture and entertainment.  The smaller towns and villages of the Cinque Terre are far more intimate, and therefore perhaps a little more romantic.  Enjoy dramatic seaside vistas perched high over the Mediterranean or surround yourself with the ambiance of ancient cities.

Rio de Janeiro:

This stunning metropolitan powerhouse is an ideal choice for a destination wedding.  Pristine beaches, beautiful blue water, glorious historic architecture, and towering mountains provide a truly breathtaking atmosphere for any couple.  Rio also makes for a perfect wedding locale for U.S. residents because the more comfortable months (yet still warm and tropical) coincide with American summers, making it easier for friends and family to find vacation time to join you for your special day.

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