Simple Ways to Make a Statement with Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are a way to announce to your guests the specifics of your wedding, including the date, time, and venue.  In addition, they also help reflect the overall theme, whether it is a more casual wedding ceremony, or a more formal affair.

Wedding invitations can help clue guests into what they can expect.  This may refer to what guests should wear and what their expectations are as they play a role in your big day.  However, wedding invitations do not have to all look the same.  While most brides and grooms do not go overboard with the uniqueness of a wedding invitation, there are still ways to follow the rules of etiquette while making a statement with your wedding announcement.

The American Wedding offers a large variety of wedding invitations to suit every theme and budget.  From crisp traditional white invitations, to more original invitations with a pop of color, there really is no limit to what you can come up with.

Print Style

One of the ways to make a statement with your wedding invitations is through the printing process.  There are a number of types of print available, including digital, foil, letterpress, and thermography.

With digital print, the process delivers long-lasting colors, normally with a quicker turnaround.  Letterpress produces a raised printing style that is rich and elegant.  Thermography is similar to engraving, but requires less labor and is more affordable.  Foil stamping is popular when you need a complex print or image transferred to paper.

The style of print you choose can give your guests an indication of the type of wedding you have planned.


Choosing a wedding invitation of another shape can also help make a statement to your guests.  There are long slender invitations or square-shaped invitations.  You may want to check with the post office before you order, though, because some unusually sized invitations do require additional postage.  This is especially true with square shaped invitations.


Color may also be used to set your wedding invitation apart, making a statement in the process.  While many brides and grooms stay true to traditional shades of white and ivory, these days there are also options that allow you to infuse more color into your design.

For a pop of color, consider incorporating a bright pink into the mix.  This can be especially powerful if you are using a black and white invitation.  You can also use colored ink instead of traditional black ink with your invitation.  For a creative mix, you can even choose a darker color and perhaps white lettering to really make your design stand out.

Color can also be used with bows or borders, or to incorporate an interesting design into your wedding invitation.  When you allow your imagination some creative freedom, there is no limit to the design you can come up with.

Folded Designs

While flat invitations are perhaps the most popular, there various folded designs can be used to make a statement in your wedding.  You may want to just include your names or initials on the front, while including the rest of the information inside the fold.

In addition, there are also some invitations that open similarly to a folder or folio pocket.  These invitations offer additional space for enclosures such as your response card, reception information, and a map.


In addition, some wedding invitations come with a wrap, which securely fits around the invitation.  This is a way to make your invitation distinctive and set it apart.  Some wraps are bows, but The American Wedding also offers bands, which can be customized to fit your design and your needs.  Use our examples to help spur your creativity, or let us work to find a custom design that suits you.


Additionally, some wedding invitations come with a layered design, making them really stand out.  This may include designs with a visible border, or those using a translucent overlay that makes your invitation more elegant and original.  Keep in mind that some of these types of designs do require additional assembly time, so make sure you account for this process when you order your invitations.

Overall, when you assemble all of the parts of your invitation, etiquette rules suggest you assemble in order of size, starting with the invitation.  Place everything face-up in the envelope.


One last way to make a statement with your wedding invitation is to include a special photograph of the happy couple, or a unique design.  This helps you not only make a statement, but personalize your card, as well.

No matter which of these elements you choose to incorporate, you are sure to make a statement when you make your invitation original and personal.

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