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AM5While some might think that switching from white to ivory might be too extreme, when it comes to a wedding, there are those who want to go all out so that their special day is one which will be remembered for a long time. Those who love themed weddings are truly adventurous and, when you’re planning your own, it can become your chance to dream of something big.

If you love movies and art in all forms, a theater-themed wedding is the best gift you can give yourself and, when you’re taking care of the bigger things, here are some hints about how you can make the little things fit your idea perfectly.

Victorian Wedding Invitations

Beautiful and sophisticated, the Victoria wedding invitation features an elegant combination of high style Victorian design and exquisite lettering. The theater has always been a very traditional place, but with something that is a little different.

The theater is the birthplace of some of the greatest acts in history, so you need to make sure that your wedding is inspired to be something memorable. Modernizing the invitation by adding it as an aspect of your theme is just one step in the right direction. This invite design will be perfect to add a bit of drama to your upscale event.

Fanfare Wedding Programs

You need to start off the night with some fanfare, so why not get an appropriate program to keep the merriment going? Cards such as the Fanfare wedding program would be just perfect for someone who wants to make this an affair to remember. Designed like the programs printed for theater plays, your guests can get into the mood and start to look forward to the night for some celebration.

Simple Elegance Seating Cards

One thing about theater is that even simplicity makes an impact. Just like a chair in the middle of the stage can make a statement, you can make a statement with your choice in seating cards. Unless a person is getting married, we hardly pay any attention to the many little things we have to take care of.

With an ornamental and simply designed floral patterned seating card, you can not only invite your guests to their seats, but, by doing so, you can also show them why the theater is considered to be one of the finer things in life. Like all talent, the talent in theater is unique, and one cannot disregard that even the simplest of actors can turn out to be stars. These seating cards are just creating the impression you need to make your performance on stage even more memorable.

Elegantly Edged Menu Cards

In keeping with the style of your theater wedding, one thing you need to learn is that less is more, even for the stage. The Elegantly Edged menu cards are perfect because, although they are a little different than the theme, they are all about making the guests relax, so when they start with their meals, they look at the details of the dinner on a card which is not only delicately framed, but which keeps them grounded to the fact that this wedding may be theater, but it costs more than an opera.

Favor Boxes

Favor boxes are available in almost every color, and you can fill them with mementos for the guests. Adding a favor box will only make your wedding more memorable and, while you might think that hosting your wedding at an actual theater might be a hit, these little things also matter.

You can also choose different items, such as Coasters, Rehearsal Dinner Invitations, Table Cards, Favor Tags, Napkins, and more.

The reason why themes, especially far-fetched themes, are so popular nowadays is because they give the couple a chance to experiment and to make the happiest day of their lives more personal and unique, differing it from all the other white weddings out there.

A theater wedding is not for the faint-hearted, however, and only those who truly believe that their lives and their love are to be grandly celebrated can enjoy a wedding as bold and fun as this one. Gone are the days when we would look through wedding magazines in hopes that we might find a theme which would suit us. Themed weddings, from Moroccan to whimsical—all have one focal point: to make sure that this day ends up being the most perfect day of the couple’s life.

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