Wedding Theme: Irish Green Wedding

In the spirit of all things lucky and green this month, we’re celebrating with an Irish themed wedding. Drawing from the inspiration of our Green Wedding ideas, a St. Patrick’s Day Wedding Theme is a fun way to celebrate your big day.

St. Patricks Day Wedding Cake

St. Patrick’s Day Wedding Cake

We’re loving all that St. Patrick’s Day has to offer; countless shades of green, rich golds, and lucky four-leaf clovers make for the perfect festive party with all the Irish novelties. Why not include the theme into all aspects of your wedding with Green Wedding Invitations!

St. Patrick's Day Wedding Table

St. Patrick’s Day Wedding Table

If you’re leaning more towards the traditional Irish wedding theme, why not try this fun alternative to your guest book. Wishing stones are a timeless Irish tradition through which guests write a wish for the newlyweds on a smooth stone in permanent marker. Fill a large vase with water and have your guests drop their stones inside to symbolize the throwing of stones into a pool of water or river.

Irish Wishing Stone Guest Book Alternative

Irish Wishing Stone Guest Book Alternative

While there are hundreds of ways to incorporate an Irish green theme into your wedding, one of our personal favorites actually requires no green, gold or clovers at all. Whether as a wedding toast or used in the ceremony itself, an Irish Marriage Blessing is a beautiful way to pay homage to Celtic traditions.

Whether you’re celebrating in the Irish traditions or simply looking for ways to add a touch of green to your color scheme, may the luck of the Irish be with you on your special day!

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