I Dough, er I mean I Do!

f7fb1617ea199d0725c11192b410c547 Want a yummy and new way to enhance any of your wedding activities??? Here’s a dish on a sweet new item to give your guest. It’s called Edoughble ready to eat cookie dough. Cookie Dough! Who doesn’t like cookie dough? I know I’ve many time taken a nice chunk out while making cookies. But of course the whole time had the feeling I would get sick at any minute, but did it anyway because cookie dough is amazing. Well now you don’t have to worry about that at all! This amazing concoction is made with the highest quality ingredients and no eggs or preservatives!


So yeah, eat up. I know you want to!

pic1From Cookies n’ Dream to Stuck on you PB & J, this shop has 10 one-of-a-kind sinful flavors that’s a sure hit no matter who you’re serving.

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Ok, so these all look amazing! Right? But are they the best sweet treat for weddings and wedding activities? The answer is a big ole YES!

Bailey Bday

Edoughble has catered many weddings all over the country! They can be included on the dessert table, or offered as favors/late night snacks, or included in out of town bags. And that’s just for weddings! Plus, you can customize the labels across each treat to have your name and special date! How sweet is that?


There are many more ways to let people in on this deliciousness.
Bridal Showers, Bridal Party Gifts, and yes ladies….this would make the ultimate Bachelortte party late night snack! I mean what goes better with wine then cookie dough?




There are so many ways to enjoy it too. It doesn’t have to be just eaten out of the container- although that’s how I would eat it. You can also make yummy creations out of it. Edoughble goes with everything. Take a look at these ideas!





So how can you gobble up some of these goodies?? Luckily for our readers, Edoughble has offered a 15% discount! This excludes subscriptions (yes, you can enjoy cookie dough three, six, or twelve months a year!) and expires 6/30/2016. So if you want a jump on your planning get on it now!

All you have to do is log onto their website http://www.edoughble.com, pick out what ever you would like (or all of them there’s no way to choose, they are all delightful!)  Once you’ve placed your order put in this Promo Code: Wedding15 and you are all set to have an incredible , one of a kind food experience. Trust me, your guest, and your mouth, will thank you!

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Indulge here: http://www.edoughble.com/

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