Girls’ Night Out: Planning the Ultimate Bachelorette Party

There are all kinds of celebrations that revolve around weddings, but for a bride nothing is more thrilling and memorable than her bachelorette partyBridal showers and engagement parties tend to be on the more formal side, but the bachelorette party provides the perfect opportunity to release all of that pent up pre-wedding energy.  It’s a time for fun and frivolity, for making great memories and really kicking off the next stage in the bride’s life with a bang.  To get the gears turning and the creative juices flowing, check out these great themes and tips for the most unforgettable bachelorette party, and be sure to check out the American Wedding website for additional ideas.

Theme: Escape Back to Nature

If you’re a very nature-oriented person, then planning a bachelorette party or even a weekend getaway to the great outdoors could be just the ticket.  If a tent and sleeping bag isn’t exactly your style, then glamping might be a good option.  Hook a large tent up to a generator and have electricity and even air-conditioning or heat – maybe even rent a couple of cabins.  Hiking, horseback riding, even tree-top obstacle courses are all fun ways of enjoying everything nature has to offer.  Create individual spa sets for each member of the party to relax with at the end of the day.

Theme: Pop the Cork

Do the bride and her friends like to hang out with a nice bottle of wine?  If so, a wine themed party would make for a fun and sophisticated celebration.  If the bachelorette party is being hosted at someone’s home, set aside a space that you can decorate to invoke the feel of a winery.  Of course, you could opt for the real thing and get everyone together to visit a local winery for a tasting and then dinner.  Think of renting a limo to get everyone around in style.  If you live near a serious wine region, think about taking the entire day out to tour several different wineries for the full wine country experience.

Theme: Burning Rubber

There’s nothing like a road trip to bring people closer together and spark a feeling of adventure.  Take separate cars or, if there’s a sizeable group attending, rent a van to keep everyone together and the party going all the time.  You can plan the road trip around a particular theme, such as visiting various national parks or certain towns known for pottery, wine, or exciting nightlife.  Wanting a true adventure?  Pick a route at random and just see where the road takes you.  Half of the time, the best road trips are ones that aren’t centered on rigorous planning, something that could be a true breath of fresh air for a bride who’s a little worn out on the whole planning thing.

Ideas, Games, and Activities:

Scrap It – Have the bride and everyone attending the party bring in pictures and mementos that they can turn into a scrap book.  Set it up to show the bride’s life so far and the friendships that everyone shares with one another, and have special section dedicated to her relationship with her soon-to-be husband and their future life together.  Make sure to include funny and humorously awkward photos that will be fun to laugh and reminisce over with a few cocktails.

Go Glam – Plan a fun makeover session for the evening in which all attendees invoke a certain period, such as the 1950s or 1920s.  Go all out with makeup, hairstyling, and even outfits.  Play music from the period and even mix up drinks that were all the rave then.  Have fun with creating flashcards with lingo from the period, with each person picking a card and then everyone else trying to guess what the word or phrase means.

Co-Ed Party – Bachelorette parties don’t always have to include just girls.  Get a bunch of girls and guys together and have an all-out battle of the sexes.  Pair individuals off or go group against group in fun trivia games or even Olympic style events.

Pranksters – set up a list of friends to prank call, but add a twist to it by writing down various things that have to be said or asked on scraps of paper and having each person pick from a hat or bowl.  Spice things up by making the person down a drink for failing the task, laughing, or breaking character.  If you’re out somewhere, assign dares for each person to undertake.  If they fail, they take a shot; if they succeed, everyone else or an individual challenger takes a shot.

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