Fall Wedding Trends

Since fall is upon us, there is no better time than the present to discuss all the trending aspects of autumn weddings! There are so many benefits to choosing a fall wedding over a summer or spring one. The season allows for a different look and feel to your ceremony and reception.

Additionally, brides are able to create a truly unique space with the use of available décor, colors, invitations, and flowers during the cooler months. Whether you are sure you want a fall wedding or you are merely playing around with the idea, read on about all the trends exclusive to the season.

• The Colors
Autumn is the perfect month to use unique color schemes in your wedding. Think of the rich jewel shade and warm tones like olive green, burgundy, pumpkin, and chocolate brown. Take full advantage of the richer color palette of the season, and you can put together a stunning wedding.

• Greenery, Branches, and Seasonal Flowers
Although a lot of flowers will be out of season during the fall months, that leaves room for less expensive options like greenery and branches to incorporate into your bouquets and centerpieces.

A huge trend as of late has been tons of greenery growing in wedding décor. Things like ivy and eucalyptus are beautiful plants that are an inexpensive way to decorate a bland room.

Along with colors for your rooms and ceremonies, there are seasonal flowers in darker hues that look good in bouquets (along with branches and greenery if you desire) next to paler shades. A huge color for this fall? Marsala.

• Fabric
Heavier fabrics like velvet and brocade are more appropriate now, rather than the linens and silks of last season. Adding deep colors and textures to your reception and ceremony will allow you to make the most of your budget. Plus, learn to play with softer, glowing light and seasonal foliage to amp up the season in your décor.

• Cocktails
Especially if your reception takes place during the nighttime when the temperature dips, you will want a drink that provides warmth and substance. Think along the line of red wine, bourbon, and Scotch, instead of the lighter flavors of summer wedding cocktails.

• Food
Choosing the menu for your reception is a fun aspect of the planning. To complement those cocktails, you’ll want to select heartier meal items. Think of comfort food, but opt to serve items in a refreshing way.

For example, a single serving of apple or pecan pies, or pumpkin ravioli are all equally delicious, aesthetically pleasing, and seasonally acceptable. See if you can nail serving a dish out of a gourd. The sky is the limit!

• The Lighting
Autumn has a glowing light that every bride wants for her wedding portraits. And, even though the sun sets earlier in the day, it is usually more dramatic, with bright oranges, pinks, and reds.

The setting sun will make a gorgeous background in your pictures or from the windows through your wedding reception venue.

• Natural Backdrop
Just think of all the foliage and rich colors that come around every autumn. This makes for a beautiful natural backdrop for your wedding photography and/or ceremony. Whether you choose an outdoor event or your venue is nestled in a quaint valley surrounded by panoramic views, your guests will ogle at all of nature’s beauty.

Plus, if you plan your date at the right time, the seasonal color change will be all the décor you need. You will hardly have to add anything else. It’s the perfect win-win.

• Accessories
Cool accessories like shawls, coats, scarves, and hats are fun to add to photos or the actual ceremony. The cooler months are a great time to make a statement or add something extra to your bridal look.

Throw on a fur coat or wrap over your dress for your grand entrance during the reception. The groom and groomsmen might opt for a look that is complete with newsboy caps and lots of tweed. You have tons of accessorizing options that are on trend during the fall.

• Costs of Venues
Just think of all the brides who fight for venue openings and dole out higher payments to secure their place. One thing to be thankful about is that, in the fall months, certain venues cost less to rent.

And think: Not just the venues are at a lower cost. Accessories will be cheaper for you if you use greenery and branches that are in season and which will add a chic touch to any venue.

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