Doing Your Wedding Guests a Favor with the Perfect Gifts

Posh Wedding Invitation

Posh Wedding Invitation

It is customary to give your wedding guests favors. This means, at each seat, a little something special is there for your friend and family members. Depending on the theme of your wedding and your budget, you can determine what the favor should be. While some of you do-it-yourself brides are extremely creative and equally crafty, there are basic favors that are worthwhile.

One of the first thoughts of wedding favors seems to be a box of candy. If you are a foodie, it is a great idea to incorporate … well … more food! You can buy candy in bulk to save money, and then the only other purchase will be the box to keep them in. Forever Wed Store sells assorted pillow mints, mini candy hearts, and other traditional sweets at wholesale prices.

According to Candy Warehouse, Jordan almonds are a favorite edible favor because of its rich history. In general, the fresh almonds are bittersweet, which represents life. However, a sugary coating is added to the nut with the reflection that the bride and groom will have a sweet life together, opposed to a bitter one. The Italian, Greek, and Middle Eastern cultures have an even deeper meaning to the treat. For example, in Italian weddings, five almonds are given to each guest, to represent health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity; these are all wishes for the bride and groom. Jordan almonds are often placed in a bag rather than a box.

If you want to personalize your candy selection, you can opt for candy that features your name, the date, and other reminders of your big day. Some of your favorite brands, like M&Ms, will customize candy with your requested messages. Have you ever seen a turquoise M&M? Well, if that is one of your wedding colors, the M&M factory will create it just for you! They also sell authentic tins, jars, and bags for your favors.

If you are on a budget, maybe you do not have money for an extra favor. Your wedding cake can be your edible treat! All you need is a little box to ensure it gets home with your guests in one piece. If you do not want to splurge on cake boxes, that is okay! You can simply use napkins. We offer personalized napkins in a plethora of colors. Use the napkins for dinner and dessert.

Maybe you want your guests to have something they can keep forever instead of eat. Beyond food, glassware is a popular favor. You may want to spend a little more on your groomsmen and give them engraved beer mugs, or on your bridesmaids and give them personalized wine glasses, but you can still give away a glass to each guest. Shot glasses are often cheaper because they are much smaller. If you are hosting an outdoor event that is more casual, you may want to give away koozies! Your guests can use a koozie with their drinks throughout the evening, and then take one home.

A trendy option for wedding favors is purchasing a photo booth, and then letting your guests keep a copy of the pictures they create. Many photo booths come with fun props, silly signs, creative frames, or personalized backdrops that make the experience even more memorable. Often two copies of photos are printed; one for your guests, and one for you. You can make a book of all of the photos, so you also have a keepsake. Although you may be able to find a local photo booth vendor, Shutterbooth is a popular option, no matter where your wedding is!

Since 1919, our dedicated team at The American Wedding has been offering one-of-a-kind favors including:

• Cake and favor boxes
• Favor tags
• Scrolls and bookmarks
• Koozies
• Flasks

As mentioned before, your favors should reflect your wedding theme. If you are hosting a swanky black tie soiree, you should consider a flask for the gentlemen. Likewise, if you are having a rustic outdoor affair, koozies would be more appropriate. Whatever wedding favor you choose, it should be something that you and your guests will equally like.
With nearly 100 years of experience in the wedding industry, we specialize in stationery. However, we also know how important wedding favors, tableware, and other essential elements are to your big day. As a USA-based company, you can expect personal attention and quality merchandise. Since we are a family-owned business, we understand your budget is a big factor. You will be pleased with our affordable selection!

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