Beautiful Wedding Invitation Designs

Beautiful Wedding Invitation Designs

Life is full of memorable milestones, but there are few that will ever hold a candle to your wedding day. A wedding is a special event for so many reasons. It’s the day you and your intended officially start your lives together as a bona fide couple. It’s a special moment for each of the family members and friends that will be there by your side, as well. That’s exactly why it’s so important that everything about your wedding be on point right from the beginning. There are a lot of details that will help set the tone of your wedding, but one of the first you’ll decide on will be your wedding invitations. However, knowing it’s time to design your wedding invitations and actually settling on a final choice are two different matters. Let’s take a closer look at the wide, wonderful world of wedding invitations and discuss how you and your partner can finally decide on the right design for you. There’s a lot more to consider than you might otherwise think.

Why memorable wedding invitations are important
Wedding Invitation exampleThere’s always that one person in every crowd – the one who doesn’t quite understand what the big deal is as far as something like a wedding invitation. They feel that after all is said and done, it’s really just a piece of paper. So long as it gives the recipient all of the information they need about when and where to show up, the rest doesn’t really matter, right? Actually, no!A wedding invitation is more than a practical way to tell people when, where, and how. It’s a chance to make a clear statement about the special relationship you and your beloved share, as well as set the tone of your upcoming wedding. It’s also a chance to create a keepsake that you and your loved ones can save and cherish forever. Do you still think that your wedding invitation is “just a piece of paper” when you picture your great-grandchildren looking at it years in the future? A stand-out invitation design or style can also have a strong effect on whether or not some of your guests even decide to attend. Of course, you can both count on your parents, siblings, and best friends showing up. However, many people have large social circles and receive scores of wedding invitations each and every month. It can be hard to remember all of them, and impossible to decide which ones to attend. A unique invitation that stands out turns the recipient on and gets them excited about showing up. However, a boring, lackluster alternative could give them the impression that you just don’t care enough about your wedding to make it special … and if you don’t care, why should they?

4 Qualities every wedding invitation should haveNow that you understand why it’s important that your wedding invitations be something truly incredible, it’s time to discuss what makes the difference between a so-so invitation and the type of invitation you, your partner, and the best day of your lives deserve. Regardless of your personal style, you should make sure your invitations hit all of the following checkpoints.

Wedding Invitation Bullet Point 1. Personality
Wedding Rings

The design of your wedding invitation should be reflective of your unique, one-of-a-kind relationship with your partner, in one way or another. Are you hardcore burger fanatics, barbecue enthusiasts, or foodies? Consider something food-themed or restaurant-centric. Are you all about the great outdoors? Something made of natural materials in rustic, earthy colors could be just the ticket. The idea is to decide what colors, themes, and images best represent the two of you as a unit, and take it from there.

Wedding Invitation Bullet Point 2. Warmth
Wedding Invitation Hearts

A wedding isn’t just about two people getting married and deciding to throw a party to celebrate. It’s about sharing one of life’s most important moments with family, friends, and loved ones. That said, wedding invitations should be warm and inviting. They should seek to make the recipient feel like they are valued and drive home the notion that their presence at your wedding would be cherished. Consider individualizing your invitations in some way. It could be as simple as leaving room to hand-letter a special sentence or two for each recipient.

Wedding Invitation Bullet Point 3. Visual Appeal
Wedding Photographs

By now, we all know the saying that states “a picture is worth a thousand words.” This is no less the case with wedding invitations. If you’re not sure of the right words to express what you’d like to say, consider saying it with a picture instead. A cherished photo of the two of you together, or a picture of something personal to you both can speak volumes. Colors and patterns can help set a tone or mood, as well. Consider choosing a color scheme that echoes the one you’ve already chosen for your ceremony.

Wedding Invitation Bullet Point 4. Contemporary Vibe
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Don’t go too old school or too formal when it comes to designing your wedding invitations, just because you think that’s what your guests will be expecting (unless old school and formal is truly your thing, of course). Modern wedding invitations are a lot friendlier and casual than they might have been in the past. Don’t be afraid to be personal, funny, or trendy if that suits your personality.

A Look at Todays Most Popular Wedding Invitations Designs

So at this point, you know that your invitations are important. You also know why, as well as have an idea of what a good 21st century wedding invite should be like. Now let’s explore a sampling of popular ideas that couples everywhere are embracing. Do any of these strike a chord with you?

Wedding Invitation example image

Branding Your Wedding Wedding invitation bullet point

If you feel your relationship is characterized by a fun, free-spirited approach toward life, consider turning your union into a brand that can be depicted not only on your invitations, but on party favors, place cards, and more. (Think of the way politicians brand themselves and distribute buttons, bumper stickers, and other items when they decide to run for office.) Have a graphic designer or professional help you to ensure that authentic look you’re after.

Go Literal

Go Literal Wedding invitation bullet point

Sometimes looking for a rather literal way to depict a non-tangible quality to your relationship is a great idea. For instance, do you and your intended consider yourselves to be one another’s “missing piece”? Try a wedding invitation design that’s puzzle themed. Would you say the person holds “the key to your heart”? Have someone design a theme that reflects that, and then include little charms shaped like keys. You’re limited only by your imagination!

Go Ultra-Contemporary

Go Ultra-Contemporary Wedding invitation bullet point

Here in the digital age, it’s not surprising that so many couples see technology as a huge part of how they live their lives. (This is even more the case if they met online or have careers that are tech-based.) If that sounds like you, consider a simple wedding invitation printed on a transparent surface. Or an unconventionally shaped option paired with a contemporary font and/or a sleek, tech-savvy theme.

Send Treats

Send Treats Wedding invitation bullet point

No … literally! Try following in the footsteps of some of today’s cleverest couples and send boxes of candy or treats printed with your faces or a cute custom graphic that clearly shows it’s a wedding invitation. Create a clever brand name for your candy or treat. Enclose a traditional wedding invite card or a magnet that the person can put on their fridge to help them save the date.

Star in a Rom-Com Wedding invitation bullet point

Are you and your beloved die-hard movie lovers? Why not design your wedding invitations to look like movie posters? You can finally star in your own romantic comedy, inspiring drama, action adventure, or supernatural thriller. Choose a genre that you feel tells the story of your relationship together. Then invite your guests to come be a part of it. You can even extend the movie theme to include your wedding favors, menu, table settings, and more. Let your imaginations run wild!

Showcase Your Own Creativity

Showcase Your Own Creativity Wedding invitation bullet point

Are either you or your spouse-to-be a dedicated artist of any kind? Do either of you paint pictures, take photographs, or write poetry? Don’t miss a golden opportunity to personalize your wedding invitations by including some of your own work. If both of you contribute something – for instance, if one takes gorgeous landscape photos and the other writes poetry – so much the better. Remember, the idea is to make these invitation seem as much like “you” as possible.

Go Cartoony

Go Cartoony Wedding invitation bullet point

Another current favorite among fun-loving, free-spirited couples is the idea of cartoons or comic books. If you’re into either, this is a wonderful opportunity to inject a bit of your unique personalities into your invites while emphasizing the fun, whimsy, and childlike appeal that you plan on including as part of your wedding. Cartoons make everyone feel good. Spread the joy!

Invites Made to Order

Invites Made to Order Wedding invitation bullet point

These days, food is so much more than just a way for us to sustain ourselves and stay alive. It’s also a pastime and an artistic pursuit in and of itself. Are you and your mate in the food business in any capacity? Do you own a restaurant? Are you known across your entire circle of friends for your deep, soul-changing love of food and cooking? You might want to consider the extent to which menus and wedding invitations resemble each other from a visual standpoint. Menu-style invites are definitely the order of the day!

Go Cultural

Go Cultural Wedding invitation bullet point

Is your cultural background or religion a huge part of who you are as people? If so, you’d be missing out on a wonderful opportunity if you didn’t incorporate that into the look and feel of your wedding invitations. This is even more the case if you’re planning a culturally or spiritually significant theme for your wedding, reception, or menu. Why not give your guests a preview as far as what they’re in for?

Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle Wedding invitation bullet point

Are you into boating, the ocean, pirates, or anything else nautically themed? Consider sending each of your guests a literal message in a bottle (but via the mail or a courier service, of course) telling them you’d like them to attend your wedding. You can absolutely rest assured that your invitation will not get lost in the shuffle. And just think what a cute addition such an item would make to a keepsake box.

Get Back to Nature

Get Back to Nature Wedding invitation bullet point

Eco-friendly options are a huge deal when it comes to wedding invitations these days. If you and your loved one are known for your love of nature, animals, or the planet in general, consider a wedding invite printed using natural dyes on recycled paper. Include a packet of seeds as a wedding favor. Tell your guests that you’d like them to help you start your union off on a good note by planting the seeds and helping them grow.

Bringing your vision to life

If you, your spouse-to-be, or one of your close friends happens to be a graphic design whiz, then count yourself among the lucky. The rest of us are really a lot better off leaving the hard work to the experts. You most likely wouldn’t sew your own wedding dress or bake your own cake (unless you happen to be a seamstress or a professional baker, of course). Why would you design your own wedding invitations?

Consider enlisting the aid of a third party when it comes to planning the wedding invitations of your dreams. He or she will can help you take your raw ideas and turn them into something magical that exceeds even your highest expectations.

Choose someone with plenty of experience and solid references from people who were thrilled with the person’s work in the past. Look over their portfolio thoroughly. Not every artist or designer is good at nailing every style, so make sure the person you choose is able to do the kind of work you’re looking for.

Remember, your wedding is the most important day of your life, and your invitations will be your guests’ first taste of what it will be like to attend. Get things started on the right foot and you’ll set the tone for a wedding that’s truly a day to remember.

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