Are You Planning A Destination Wedding?

AM3Destination weddings are not only fun to plan, but everyone involved remembers the entire affair for years and years to come. A destination wedding, contrary to belief, doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive or have to be held out of the country in an exotic location to be considered a success. Many picturesque and beautiful places are available in the U.S. that will make your dream destination wedding a possibility.

The Big Island, Hawaii

Why Here:

The Big Island of Hawaii is considered to be the largest in the surrounding chain of islands and is the first destination on this list. Why? The island offers an incredibly diverse topography and is the number eleventh climatic zone of the world, which means that the weather of this island is pleasant all year round.

You can discover a wide and beautiful range of backdrops around the perimeter of the island, as the landscape is pretty diverse and filled with lush forests, white sandy beaches with sparkling blue waters, and an expanse of green and colorful fields.

The Ideal Time:

Any time of the year is ideal for a destination wedding on The Big Island. Year round temperatures during the day can be in the 70s and the 80s, which is pleasant weather. The dry season starts from May to October, and rain showers even during the winter are short and far apart.

Bar Harbor, Maine

Why Here:

Believe it or not, but Bar Harbor will provide the most perfect and romantic backdrop to your destination wedding. Surrounded by dark-blue and sparkling waters, rugged coasts, and golden sand beaches, the breathtaking and mesmerizing waterfront of Maine can be mistaken easily for the Mediterranean. But the area has its own distinct charm, as well, with its iconic lighthouses dotting the landscape.

Up here, in the Down East, your destination wedding will be the talk of the town for months to come, what with Bar Harbor being the epitome of sophistication, style, and seaside chic, which can be incorporated with any idea to make the event trendier.

The Ideal Time:

For Maine, the busiest season is summer, as hordes of visitors visit the area. If you want to avoid the summer rush and peak prices, the best month for a wedding in Bar Harbor, Maine is September.   

Sea Island, Georgia

Why Here:

Have you always wanted to fly to the Caribbean for your destination wedding but couldn’t for some reason? Well, you do have a perfect substitute in the form of Sea Island in Georgia, which resembles the Caribbean in everything but one: absolutely no tourists! Two main resorts make up the landscape, which means that the “tourists” who will be there are more likely to be your own wedding guests.

In addition to the many world-class amenities and facilities offered, there are a number of activities as well that your guests can take part in, such as golf, horseback riding, tennis, boating, fishing, spa retreats, and much more!

The Ideal Time:

The most ideal time to have your destination wedding here is in the late summer and spring. Early fall is also good weather for a wedding. Don’t plan your destination wedding to Sea Island in June, however, as the hurricane season usually starts then.

Park City, Utah

Why Here:

Having a destination wedding at Park City will give you an opportunity to relish the majestic peaks and classic European sophistication that the Alps are best known for, all the while sitting in your own country. This location has quickly become popular for tourists and people planning their destination weddings, because a number of ritzy and high flying resorts have opened up, which has turned the former mining town into a glamorous location.

The Ideal Time:

The seasons when your guests will find the most to do are summer and fall, but the joys of ski season can be enjoyed starting from early December and lasting until the middle of April.  

Florida Keys

Why Here:

Florida Keys is a 110 mile chain of Islands that offer a laid back, almost tropical feel and allure of the Caribbean, but at a much affordable price, as well as being more convenient for your guests. One thing is for sure: You will be surrounded by beauty, nature, and wildlife indigenous to the Florida Keys, which will make your wedding extra special.

The Ideal Time:

The perfect time for a destination wedding in the Florida Keys is summer, as this is when the area is less crowded and more affordable. Avoid June through November, as those are the months when hurricane season is at its peak.

When it comes to weddings, there are a number of venues that can give you the inspiration to plan the most perfect day of your life, one which you will remember fondly for years to come.

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