8 Reasons to Choose a Winter Wedding

Many young girls dream from a young age of someday becoming a bride on a day filled with sunshine and blue skies.  In fact, according to premier wedding planning website, The Knot, June is the most popular month of all to tie the knot.  Other popular wedding dates include those in August, September, and October.

However, many brides are now beginning to see the advantages of planning a winter wedding.  In fact, we found eight of the top reasons why brides may just want to take a second look at the typically cooler months of the year.

#1 Cost

For the budget conscious bride, the cost of a winter wedding alone could be the ticket.  With the average wedding and honeymoon costing more than $31,000, a wedding is hardly inexpensive.  Of course, that is only an average.  Some weddings cost considerably more.  If you are trying to save some money, though, you may want to look at having your wedding during one of the traditionally “off season” wedding months.  This includes January and February.  December has gained a lot of attention in recent years, and, because of the holidays may not save money, but rather cost you more.

If you do choose a winter month, you may be able to find a discounted price with your reception site, as well as your photographer, caterer, and even your florist.  The exception, of course, would be Valentine’s Day, when florists typically charge a premium.

#2 Availability

The second reason why you may want to book a winter wedding is availability.  Minus the holidays mentioned above, if you are planning a wedding on short notice it may be easier to find a location and book everything that goes with it.  Sometimes when you want to get married during a busy time of the year you may have a hard time finding wedding day providers who also have an opening.

#3 Uniqueness

Another great reason to choose a winter wedding is to make it unique.  Since many brides choose to get married during the summer, fall, or spring, having a winter wedding will make your wedding stand out and be memorable.  While some brides dread the chance of rain washing away their wedding dreams, brides who choose a winter wedding can instead dream of a “winter wonderland” complete with the chance of white snow and a glistening setup.

#4 Invitation to Winter

You can also tie in the theme with winter white invitations and stationery.  At The American Wedding, we offer some unique patterns like pine cones which really add to the winter theme.  Be creative with your invitations, and go as elegant or as casual as you desire.

#5 Fabulous Decorations

A winter wedding also gives you the opportunity to be creative with your decorations.  Just envision the beauty of a candlelit wedding reception, accented with lightly falling snow and white Christmas lights.  A winter wedding can be extremely beautiful.  Mix in some white candles for a more romantic night.  The American Wedding also offers a number of beautiful options in glassware to add an elegant twist to your table.  Consider inscribing some glassware with your wedding date or monogram for a personalized twist.

#6 Fun Favors

You can also be creative with your wedding favors.  Play off of the winter white theme with stunning white wedding favors.  You can mix up the fun, offering things to warm up your guests, like miniature hot chocolate mixes for the younger guests, as well as things like flasks for the more mature guests.  The American Wedding offers a number of possibilities in all different price points.

#7 Fantastic Food

A winter wedding also offers up unique menu options.  While some summer weddings cater toward more lightweight menu choices to complement the season, winter weddings are the time to indulge.  Consider mixing rich red velvet cake topped with scrumptious butter cream frosting, along with delectable soups, a carving station, and more.  You want your guests to be as comfortable as possible, so let your imagination be your guide.

#8 Honeymoon Escape

Finally, use your honeymoon to try out the best of both seasons.   You can visit one of the fabulous locations in the world celebrating the summer season during our winter.  This gives you the opportunity to possibly visit locations you have never been to before.  If you want to stay closer to home, you may also find some great deals during times when traveling is typically slow.

For a unique wedding that allows your imagination to shine through, plus one that may just deliver the wedding of your dreams on a budget, take a second look at planning a winter wedding.

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