Your Guide to a Dry Wedding

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While it’s quite common for a couple to serve booze at their wedding or wedding reception, other couples might choose to keep it an alcohol-free zone.  Whichever the case, each couple has their own reasons for why they would want to host a “dry” wedding. Here you will find a guide on deciding if a dry wedding is the way to go, and if so, how to take the proper steps to ensuring a successful ceremony without the booze.

Why Choose a Dry Wedding

Depending on the situation or the guests attending, an alcohol-free environment might be the better choice for a wedding.  Couples can choose to ditch the liquor due to religious reasons, or perhaps to prevent any temptation for recovering alcoholics.  Other couples might want to save themselves the responsibility of handling inebriated guests after the ceremony, and of course, ditching the alcohol also means saving big bucks on the budget. Weddings at public locations such as parks, beaches, and even churches specifically restrict alcohol consumption as well.

Will Your Wedding Still Be Fun Without Alcohol?

Whatever the reasons, a dry wedding is a personal decision, and one that should be respected. But will a ceremony without alcohol still be fun? Okay, first of all, you need to keep in mind one thing: your wedding is a celebration where your closest family members and friends can gather to witness the union of you and your loved one. Assuming that alcohol is a necessity for your guests to enjoy themselves would be to imply that they might as well get the same experience at a local bar! No, your guests will have a great time even without alcohol.  Don’t forget the true meaning of the event. And how you want to organize the celebration is entirely up to you and your partner.

How to Tell Guests about a Dry Wedding

In order to successfully host a dry wedding, it is important to notify guests early and to set clear expectations for the event.  Otherwise you could end up with some very confused or even disappointed attendees.  Simply state on the wedding invitations that the event will be “alcohol-free.”  This way guests can plan ahead, and if they still desperately need some liquid celebrations, they can visit a local bar or club.

Getting Creative

Sure the drinks will be sans alcohol, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring! In fact, you can be sure that non-alcoholic drinks mean even more variation! Have fun serving flavored ciders, chocolate milkshakes, and exotic fruit blends. Go for something more exciting than your everyday sodas, beers, and wine. And want to ensure your guests stay pumped throughout the night? Serve caffeinated drinks like teas, lattes, and cappuccinos!

Keep it Natural

Don’t forget to host your dry wedding with a natural feel. You don’t want it to be the focus of attention that there is no alcohol at your event. Instead, brainstorm on maybe having your ceremony in the morning or on weeknight. This way not having alcohol won’t seem so out of place and guests won’t even realize what’s missing. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun! Your mood sets the tone for the entire event. Everyone will be looking to you and feel as you do. So get that energy flowing and your guests will do the same. Best of all, say goodbye to a next-morning hangover! Woohoo!

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