Winter Wedding Floral Trends: Embellished Bouquets

One of the essentials for a bride walk down the aisle is to have a bouquet in tow. Traditionally, these bouquets were made of roses, baby breath flowers, and leaves. This season, however, brides who are planning a winter wedding are adding a whole new twist to their bouquets.

feather bouquet

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Since this season is all about jeweled tones like Orchid and Emerald, peacock feathers are a wonderful addition to a wedding bouquet. They are beautifully colored, will compliment any wedding theme, and have a long stem that will allow them to be secured easily.

For a more neutral bouquet or for a vintage wedding, Ostrich feathers are recommended and growing in popularity. They traditionally come in white; however, you can also order them in a variety of colors.
For a rustic or country wedding, Pheasant feathers are ideal. They have a wonderful brown and beige color scheme that will add extra dimension to a bouquet.

pearl bouquet

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Crystals & Pearls:
Accent any wedding bouquet by intertwining beautiful strings of crystals among the flowers for extra glamour or pearls for a sophisticated touch.

These additions are not restricted to just inside the bouquet, either! You can add them on the material you choose to wrap your stems in (which are usually satin).

berry bouquet

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Red berries are becoming increasingly popular for country weddings. Many brides select red berries and pair them with bouquets that have earthy tones like red, orange, yellow, and beige.

pinecone bouquet

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Vegetation & Grains:
Cattails and pinecones are a way to add texture to a rustic or vintage (to name a few) style bouquet. They pair wonderfully with white roses, lily痴, and touches of ferns or branches.

Adding in long strands of lemon grass is also perfect for a wedding with a neutral color scheme. Adding them in and allowing them to cascade or arch adds an interesting element to an otherwise traditional bouquet.

ribbon bouquet

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For winter weddings, brides are not only wrapping their floral arrangement in delicate and sophisticated ribbon, but are also adding eye-catching cascading pieces.

brooch bouquet

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Brooch & Additions:
While most brides wrap their wedding bouquet stems is with satin, velvet, or twine, this season, brides are adding strings of pearls and brooches for some extra pizzazz.

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