Wedding Trends of 2014: Wedding Ceremony and Reception Ideas – Part 2

Wedding Photo Booth

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In the year of 2014 we have seen countless traditions made to fit modern times, as well as couples creating new traditions all their own. Here we have more ideas on what you can do for your wedding ceremony or reception. See if any appeal to you and if you want to use them on your wedding day! If you missed Part 1 to these wedding ideas, you can find it here: Wedding Trends of 2014: Wedding Ceremony and Reception Ideas – Part 1

Second Gown

Many brides are opting to wear a more casual and comfortable gown for the wedding reception. This dress allows for more room to dance and have fun while leaving behind the stress of accidentally staining or ruining your expensive wedding gown. Many brides have wedding dresses from their mothers or grandmothers that they use to create their second gown for the wedding reception. This gives a way for brides to still keep the tradition and sentiment in their wedding while making that day their very own.

Photo Booth

Photo booths are nothing new when it comes to wedding receptions. However, we have seen the traditional photo booth evolve into ones creating vintage and monogramed strips. We have also seen the entrance of the slow-motion video booth. Get creative and come up with a new and fun idea for the guests’ keepsakes.

Wedding After Party

Like to party all night long? Host a late night after party with friends and family and dance the night away! Accommodate your earlier sleepers by arranging for the cake cutting and other events to be done by 10 or 11 p.m. That way those guests won’t feel like they are missing out on anything and can be home by midnight if they so please. For those guests who want to party all night long, host the after party at a different venue or simply in the room next door. Change up the vibe by adding a lounge feel. Simply add dimmed lights and dark red or blue color tones around the room. A good side note would be to arrange transportation for guests to go back home so that you don’t have to worry about anyone driving after a night of partying.

Hey Mr. DJ

These days we are seeing more couples go down the DJ path as they select music choices for the reception. DJs can be less expensive than hiring a live band and they have the advantage of being able to appeal to all age and social groups. We are also seeing a significant rise in DJs in the music world and so finding one available for your wedding night will probably not cause an issue.

Buffet Meals

Long gone are the pre-made dinner plates and set menu items. These days more and more couples are opting for buffet style meals. Having a buffet for lunch or dinner at your wedding reception will allow guests to help themselves to their food preferences. This is especially good for picky eaters and will be great for those who want second or even third servings. Many couples arrange food stations to be available at the wedding reception. These stations include taco stations, ice cream, burger stations and even a sweets station to appeal to any guest.

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