Wedding Trends of 2014 – Wedding Ceremony and Reception Ideas – Part 1

Floral Reception

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Through 2014, we have seen many wedding ceremony and reception ideas that many couples have decided to use on their special day. Some of these ideas without a doubt have caught our eyes, and they might perhaps catch yours too. Take a look and see if you want to use these ideas in your wedding ceremony and reception.

Wedding Ceremony Trends

Techno Free

Tired of this world rampant with technology that we live in? If you’re someone who doesn’t want guests using their phones for texting or snapping pictures during your wedding, go for a techno-free wedding ceremony. In a techno-free wedding, guests will refrain from using their communication devices and will be able to focus solely on the wedding ceremony. Provide a check at the door similar to a coat check at a venue. Notify guests of your request by writing a note either on your wedding website, on the wedding invitations, and also on the wedding program. You can word it nicely by telling guests you just want them to have fun and enjoy the ceremony by refraining from using their phones for any reason. Hiring a photographer to take pictures, formal or candid, will ensure that every moment is captured and remembered forever.

Big and Bright

Want to steer away from the ever-so traditional, all white wedding? Today we are seeing more and more weddings marked with a splash of bold color. For summer weddings, go for a tangerine orange, poppy red, or electric blue. During the winter opt for ruby red, indigo blue, or royal purple. Start off with using a neutral color like ivories as your main color, and then add one bold color into details your wedding. Such details can include a pop in your floral arrangements and bouquets, the groomsmen’s pocket squares, nail polish, shoes, or ribbons. You can also include these colors in your cake by creating colorful sugar flowers and other icing decorations.

Wedding Brunch

The idea of a wedding brunch is a bit more unconventional, but will certainly save on wedding costs for food and entertainment. The idea is to host a brunch before the wedding ceremony to feed your guests. Then hold the ceremony in the early afternoon instead of in the evening. At the reception you can offer cake, tea, or coffee. Another great idea would be to hold a dessert station where the guest can choose from an array of different desserts. Such sweets could include cupcakes, tiramisu, ice cream, cookies, or a chocolate fountain with fresh fruit on the side.

Wedding Reception Trends

Ditch Assigned Seating

Any bride knows that figuring out where each of her guests should sit causes a great deal of stress. So, instead of assigning seats, let guests choose themselves where they want to sit. This will also help you save on the cost of placement cards! A great idea would be to provide many smaller tables in a lounge style instead of fewer larger ones placed solely in the center of the room. This will ensure that no guest feels tied to one table or one group of people.

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