Wedding Gowns that Flatter Your Figure

The biggest mistake a bride can make is not staying true to her own personal style.  This is especially true when it comes to finding her perfect wedding gown.   While you may want to follow the latest fashion trends, feeling beautiful and comfortable is crucial on your wedding day.  Sometimes the key to the right dress is finding one that flatters your figure, no matter what shape and size.

Wedding Dress 1

Photo Credit: Nathan O’Nions, Flickr

If you have a straight frame and not many curves

  • You will want to find a way to create curves where you don’t have them.  Look for a gown with a trumpet skirt or flared bottom.  This will help give your body a flattering shape and attractive silhouette.

If you’re petite

  • It might be a good idea to find a dress that hits above your natural waist.  This will help create the look of a longer body structure.
  • Keep in mind that embellishments on the gown should be proportional and small enough so that they don’t overpower your small frame.

If you’re pear-shaped

  • A natural waist would look very nice.  Opt for a dress with a little flare and a soft A-line skirt.  You could consider something like a ball gown.  This shape will highlight a narrow midsection and flow nicely against the hips and thighs down to the floor.
Wedding Dress 2

Photo Credit: Dan Foy, Flickr

If you’re tall and slender

  • Search for something simple and with a modest silhouette that highlights your natural shape.  A cinched waist would also add a nice touch to a tall frame.  Try to avoid any elaborate embellishments as this won’t be very flattering and might look a bit tacky.  Anything long sleeved should also go past the wrists.

If you’re busty

  • Try looking for a dress with a scooped neckline.  A strapless or sweetheart neckline would be a very attractive choice as it doesn’t show too much cleavage and doesn’t form a blunt straight line across the chest.
  • You also might want to consider choosing a matte fabric for the bust area, as shinier fabric such as satin can create the illusion of an even larger bust.
Wedding Dress 3

Photo Credit: Sosbyn, Flickr

If you have a small chest

  • Go for dresses with ruched or wrapped bodices.  This will give balance to your upper body and add a very feminine look. You can also try choosing a lightly padded halter-top to create the illusion of curves.

If you are an hourglass

  • Fortunately most dress styles look lovely on you! You can choose to play up your curves by choosing a mermaid-style dress with a fitted bodice.  This is sure to show off your slender waist.  Select a shape that will flatter your best asset! This can be your back, your behind, or your neckline.
Wedding Dress 4

Photo Credit: Adam Woodrow, Flickr

If you are very curvy

  • Search for an empire dress with a gradual A-line skirt that begins just under the bust.  Be sure that there is no pleating of the fabric or this can resemble maternity wear.  The dress should flatter your curves.  Too much fabric or fabric that is too loose could seem to add pounds.
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