Top 11 Wedding Cake Trends

Cake and Couple

Photo Credit: Jeff Daly; Flickr

    1. Metallic Cakes

      Metallics are making a comeback not just in stationary, but in cakes too! Think along the lines of stylized glam or the old Hollywood look. Style it with delicate embroidery for a delicate look or geometrically shaped for a more modern feel.

    2. Chocolate

      It’s becoming more and more popular for couples to choose chocolate cakes over the traditional white or ivory sugar cakes. Perfect for the dessert-loving couple with a taste for decadent rich chocolate. Mix some cool designs other color variations of chocolate. You can choose from white, milk, dark, or even mint!

    3. Ruffled Layers

      Going for an elegant look? Embellish your cake with ruffles. These ruffles are made with sugar and create a light and fluffy appearance.  Add some flowers as garnish on each layer or just right on top.

    4. Top Layers with Candy

      Who doesn’t love candy! Embellish your cake layers with candy of different shapes and colors.  This can be great to decorate an otherwise simple cake.

    5. Lace Wedding Cakes

      Incredibly talented cake bakers are now coming out with wedding cakes designed just like your wedding gown! These cakes are adorned with lace made with sugar in light hues and little contrast. Scope out lace patterns to go on every tier or simply one uniformed pattern for your entire cake.

    6. Woodland Look

      If your wedding is going to be “earthy” themed with color schemes prevalent in nature, go for a woodland wedding cake! These cakes look spectacular with white cakes adorned with sugar flowers and green leaves. Great if you’re trying to achieve an organic feel. Try even going for fresh natural flowers to decorate your cake.

      Rose Cake

      Photo Credit: Christine Morgan; Flickr

    7. Rosette Trend

      The rosette trend is a cake made with textured sugar-made roses that gives the cake exquisite dimension. The look is definitely unique yet elegant and classy. Quick tip: stick with white or ivory rosettes. You’ll achieve a romantic feel rather than somewhat juvenile feel if you chose pink or purple rosettes.

    8. Ombre Color Schemed

      What’s hot for spring and summer? The ombre fade is trending in every fashion area, including wedding cakes! Go for any color scheme- red, green, blue, purple, whichever color you prefer! You can even have some fun and fade one solid color into another for two colors

    9. Cake Trios and Quartets

      If you want more variety in your dessert bar rather than bringing in one huge cake, go for a cake trio, quartet, or quintet! Each piece can be adorned differently but can each have its own design. Keep the color schemes similar or else you’ll have a very disorganized and jumbled look. You can even make each little cake a different flavor- great to please guests who want more variety!

    10. Wedding Cake with Bouquets

      The newest trend with flowers on cakes is to cluster them up in small groups and creating a mini bouquet. The key here is to balance size, shape, and color of the cake so as not to make the cake look top-heavy. Be here not to overdo the bouquet and instead use it as an accent.

    11. Skip the Icing

      Forget the icing this time around and show off the multiple confection’s layers. Top each layer with fresh fruit or flowers to add some personality. This would be great to for an all-natural look.

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