To Elope or Not To Elope

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A marriage between two people symbolizes their bond and everlasting love for one another.  While some couples choose to celebrate their marriage by throwing an extravagant wedding, others might choose to partake in a more simple and intimate ceremony.  In that case, eloping could be a great option.

By eloping, a couple marries secretly and without the knowledge of their family and friends.  This can solve many problems that arise with the planning of a traditional wedding, as well as finance and invitation complications.  Eloping allows for an emphasis on the ceremony itself and focuses solely on the couple’s commitment to each other.  If you’re planning on taking this more private route, here are a few things you should take into account.

Unless your family disapproves of the marriage, you should definitely consider their feelings about an elopement.  Imagine how parents of the bride and groom would feel if they found out they missed their son or daughter’s wedding! To avoid hurting anyone’s feelings, I suggest sitting your parents down and telling them why you wish to elope instead of having a traditional wedding.  You should also take the time to let your closest friends know about your decision.

Though eloping sounds like a quick way to dodge stressful decision-making, keep in mind that a fair amount of planning is still needed.  You will have to purchase a wedding license, choose a location and time for the elopement, and decide where you want to celebrate afterwards.  More importantly, wedding rings and selecting the full attire can’t be forgotten.  Fortunately for the couple, the Internet is a fabulous source to peruse through and find “elopement packages.”  These packages can help you and your significant other with all the little details with planning for your private ceremony. Yay Internet!

It would be appropriate to send out announcements after an elopement.  If you hired a photographer for the ceremony, using your favorite photograph for the announcement would be a nice highlight.  A simple statement with you and your significant other’s names followed by “announce their wedding at a private ceremony on [date]” would suffice.

Following the delivered news, you are also bound to receive wedding gifts from friends and relatives.  If so, proper etiquette would be to send thank-you cards for each gift to its gifter.

Eloping is certainly a lovely alternative to a traditional wedding, especially if you’re looking to avoid the stressful planning of an elaborate and expensive ceremony.  This private union can be very romantic and intimate, with just you and your loved one declaring your devotion for one another.  Just imagine an elopement in a far-away destination like Paris or Rome!  However, do be sure to consider the feelings of your family and closest friends.  Remember that those who care about you want to be there with you on your wedding day!  But what else can I say, when two people are truly in love, even a civil ceremony at the City Hall has everything a wedding could ever need.

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