Tips to Shopping for Your Wedding Gown – Part 2

Wedding Dresses on Hangers

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Shopping for your wedding gown can be a daunting task. But with the right help and advice, you can be sure to be organized and on your way to finding your perfect dress! If you missed Part 1 to shopping for your wedding gown you can find it here: Tips to Shopping for Your Wedding Gown – Part 1.

Know Where you are Shopping

When seeking professional help from the wedding gown experts, it would be wise to make an appointment at the bridal boutique that you are visiting. This way you can be sure that the associates will give you their full attention in helping you find the gown of your dreams. When you make an appointment, you are reserving their time to help you. Making appointments are not always necessary, especially when you are just browsing for ideas. But if you are interested in purchasing a designer wedding gown, some boutiques function as appointment-only. Call the bridal salon first before driving all the way there to do your shopping.

Stay Within Your Budget

It is extremely important to remember you budget when shopping for wedding gowns. A great way to avoid over-spending is to tell the store consultant your price range and then to have them show you different varieties they have for you. You will want to stay away from trying on dresses you can’t afford. This will either lead to your dissatisfaction of all other dresses, or your going over budget. Remember, you don’t want to spend your entire budget on your wedding dress!

Bring the Shoes

Remember to bring a pair of heels that either are or might resemble the ones you will be wearing with your wedding gown. This will help complete the look when you have your dress on, and help you visualize what you will look like while walking down the aisle.

Ordering the Right Size

Once you have decided on your wedding dress, you will have to place an order in a certain size. Even though you are planning to lose weight for your wedding, it would be wise to order the gown in your current size. There is absolutely no telling how much weight someone will lose in a certain amount of time. And, even if they are planning to tone up, their body size might still remain the same. Once the wedding date comes around, it will be much easier and less expensive to take a dress in than to let a dress out. Also remember that many wedding gowns run small, so don’t be shocked or afraid that you have to size up. Remember to find a dress that fits you, not forcing your body to fit into a dress.

Know Terms of Sale

When purchasing your wedding gown, read the fine print to make sure you know the policy that you are agreeing to. The terms of sale are usually written on your receipt. Most bridal salons require terms in which you would need to put down a 50% deposit of the total price of the gown, state when the full balance is due, and policies regarding alterations, exchanges, and special orders. If you do not see any of this information on your receipt, ask the sales associate to put their policy down in writing for you to keep for your records.

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