Summer: Nautical Themed Wedding

Summer Wedding

Photo Credit: uncommonmuse; Flickr

Summer is here! The weather is clear and there’s no doubt that wedding will be held in the most gorgeous settings. Now that it’s warm, it would seem fitting to host a wedding capturing the essence of summer. Nautical themed weddings are increasingly becoming a big trend, and we have some ideas here for you to make your wedding splash-tastic!

Wedding Attire

  • In terms of the bridesmaids’ attire, the sky is the limit! You can choose to go down a more casual route and have your ladies dress in flats. Hues of navy blue would be the way to go. Your bridesmaids can also wear simple dresses.
  • To make your bouquets or shoes pop, red is a perfect color for small details. Red lipstick and red nail polish would also look dazzling.
  • Dress the groomsmen in matching boat shoes instead of formal dress shoes. Depending if you want the wedding more casual or formal is up to you. For a formal look, men can wear shades of blue, including their ties! A cute idea would be to let them choose a tie that has boat or rope symbols on them. Suit jackets will also look great when pinstriped.
  • Provide bracelets made of rope for your party to wear instead of sparkling and embellished jewelry. This is a great idea to achieve a nautical feel.
  • Adorn your wedding gown with a navy blue and white sash wrapped around the waist.
  • If you have a pet dog as part of your wedding, dress him or her in a nautical themed sweater! It can have a picture of a boat, boat steering wheel, lifesaver, or anchor on it.


  • The wedding reception room should have a majority of a navy blue and white scheme.
  • Have the table napkins folding into cool shapes like a boat, or lay them flat with a small rope tied around the center.
  • Centerpieces: a flower ensemble with different colors of blue or white. Hydrangeas would be a great option to achieve a color variety. Some other cool ideas include placing a starfish, coral, shells, a lighthouse, or a small boat in the middle of the table, or around the room. Get creative and do a combination of everything! Remember to keep it organized and tasteful.
  • Invitations and guest placement cards should also follow the nautical theme.
  • Instead of having a journal or book for guests to sign at the wedding, replace it a couple of white paddles!
  • Hang lifesavers behind the seats of the bride and groom.


  • Cakes can be blue, but this tends to not be completely appetizing to guests. If this is your worry, stick with a white cake with ropes designs made of sugar wrapping round each tier.
  • Decorate cakes with starfish, shell, and anchor designs.
  • A spin on the typical bride and groom figures standing at the top of the cake would be to place a boat on the highest tier, and have the bride and groom sailing away in the boat.
  • Cupcakes are also a great option for variety and are increasingly becoming more popular than the typical cake. With cupcakes, you can have different flavors and also decorate each other with a different nautical symbol.

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