Shoes on your Wedding Day: “Wow” and “How” – Part 2

So you have shopped until you dropped and you finally found THE perfect pair of shoes to match with your wedding gown. But before you set them aside and wait to wear them on your wedding day, you might want to read how you can prevent a very painful achy night.

It is essential to make sure your flats or heels are as comfortable as possible so that you can last the entire day! No bride imagines herself hobbling down the steps and sitting down when she should be celebrating one of the best nights of her life!  Here are some ways you can prevent dropping after doing that shoe shopping.

Buy the highest quality you can afford

Sure, you can’t think of any other occasion you would ever wear these fabulous shoes to again, but you should really think about quality over quantity here.  Buying high quality shoes for your wedding day will definitely make a difference in how they shape and form to your feet, and thus improving comfort significantly!

Higher quality shoes are made with more expensive material that will feel more comfortable against your skin.  However, a pair of 5-inch high quality designer shoes is bound to be uncomfortable regardless, so it would be smart to buy more shoe support in this case.  Nonetheless, if you’re worried about comfort, spend the extra bucks and steer away from poor-quality shoes that just scream “blisters!”

Shoe Pads

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Foot Petals Links:

  1. Killer Kusionz
  2. Tip Toes Hearts
  3. Heavenly Heelz

Purchase Padding

A trick that I ALWAYS use for my heels is to add extra padding and cushion. You can purchase these at any local store – or try out the ones at Foot Petals, I especially love the Tip Tie Hearts! These cover the spot I pay special attention to, the balls of your feet. This is essentially where all of the pressure from your body’s weight gets confined in this single spot on both of your feet.

You can buy padding that covers only the balls of your feet, or ones that cover the entire sole of the shoe.  However, I find that the latter tends to fill up the shoe’s foot space by adding an extra half size, so keep that in mind. Heel pads are also great to keep your feet comfortably snug in your shoes.  They add a better contour to the back of your feet and are especially useful when wearing pumps.

BandAide Heels

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Break in your shoes!

Nothing will ensure a personally fitted shoe better than your own feet breaking them in.  Take your shoes and put on a pair of socks.  Wear your shoes around your house or anywhere else you feel comfortable.  Repeat this process for about an hour a day.  It would be helpful to keep track of the time to see how long you can last before you start feeling the effects of tall heels.

It’s a great idea to purchase your shoes a month in advance to give you ample time to break in your shoes.  Pay special attention to spots that are chafing against your skin, as you might want to put Band-Aids on those spots on your wedding day.  If your shoe needs extra stretching, buy a shoe stretcher.  This can make a huge difference in the comfort level of your shoes.

Be Prepared

On your actual wedding day, I would highly recommend bringing a shoe kit.  This kit could consist of Band-Aids, blister pads, Neosporin, and Vaseline. I would suggest preventing any blisters by putting Band-Aids on the trouble areas that are prone to blisters already.  If your shoe is feeling a bit tight, you can rub some Vaseline on to help decrease the friction of your shoe rubbing against your skin.  If you start to feel a blister forming, put some Neosporin on and also a blister pad to prevent the blister from getting bigger and more painful.

Bridal Sandals

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Just in Case

Last but not least, bring an extra pair of comfy shoes!  Standing on your feet all day in one pair of shoes is bound to become unbearable.  So pack a second pair of shoes that still look great with your outfit but with so much more comfort!  Feeling good in your own shoes will certainly keep you in positive spirits and will help keep you dancing all night long!

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