Shoes on your Wedding Day – Part 1

Itching to find a perfect pair of fabulous shoes to compliment your wedding gown? Nervous about how you will last all night standing in that pair of 4-inchers? Here are some awesome tips on how to “wow” your wedding guests by choosing the right shoes for you on your wedding day.  You can also get some new insight on making sure you’re not the first one sitting down, no thanks to your aching feet!

Fabulous Heel

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Every woman knows that no outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes, and a woman’s wedding ensemble is definitely no exception!  While some might choose to wear flats of some sort for their big day, others might opt for heels.  On one hand, heels can definitely flatter a woman’s figure.  They can make you look more slender and your legs more toned.  But on the other hand, heels are a nightmare once that aching pain starts setting in.  And let’s not forget about how you will look next to your groom!  If you two are already close in height then maybe flats would be the way to go anyway. It all depends on how you want to be presented together.

Beach Sandals

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Your wedding venue and location can also help determine the appropriate shoes to wear on your special day.  For instance, walking in heels will not be very possible on a beach or on stoned walkways.  You should also consider the weather when deciding on heels because a wedding held on grass the day after it rains can lead to a clumsy mishap.

Blue Shoes

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To carefully select the appropriate shoes to wear on your wedding day, you should first decide on the fabric that you want.  Oftentimes, these fabrics are the same as the wedding gown, as you might want to keep consistency in your wedding outfit.  However, adding a splash of unique material could give you a fashionable edge.  After you decide on the fabric, decide what color you want your shoe to be.  Commonly, this would again be the same color as your wedding gown.  So when shopping for your shoes, it might be helpful to bring a color swatch around with you.  This way you can have an accurate reference to matching the colors exactly.

Pearl Flats

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If you want your shoes to merely compliment your dress instead of matching it identically, try instead to match your shoes with your accessories.  These colors can consist of shades of silver or gold.  Don’t forget how much fun you can have by picking shoes with embellishments such as rhinestones, pearls, and beads.  These tiny details will surely add to and perfect your wedding outfit!

Emmy Heels

Photo Credit: Emmy Shoes

Other tidbits you might want to consider are the formality of your wedding, the season your wedding will take place, and also the style of your gown.  For instance, if your wedding will be held during the warmer season and your dress has an open back, then perhaps opt for open-toed heels with bedazzled jewels on satin.  If your wedding will be held during the winter and on the conservative side, then I would choose a traditional closed-toed shoe on silk, with an understated heel.  Your shoes can make a bolder statement, or you can choose to keep them sweet and simple.  Sometimes, less is more!  This is especially true when you want people to notice and pay a lot of attention to your gorgeous wedding gown.

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