Save the Date Cards

Save The Date Cards

Save The Date Cards

Every bride has probably heard the phrase of save the date cards. But what are they and why do you need them? Here we have some quick and easy facts on this one wedding terminology.

What Is a Save the Date Card?

These are cards sent out to all of your wedding guests in order to notify them of your set wedding date. Save the date cards are especially important to guests who live out of town that will need to travel some distance to attend your wedding. It would be important to send out save the date cards if your wedding will take place on a holiday or over a holiday weekend. It would also be advised to send out cards if your wedding will be in a location where specific accommodation arrangements will need to be made well in advance.

Save the date cards are a courtesy to your wedding guests so that they have ample time to prepare to attend your wedding. Keep in mind that every guest has their own lives and busy schedules, and so need to make time in their personal calendars in order to attend your special day. The American Wedding offers a wide variety of save the date cards. You can mix and match color schemes and styles to go with the theme of your wedding. This will give guests an idea of what to expect for the wedding and also what style of attire to wear. The American Wedding also offers custom save the date cards so that you can personalize your cards and make them all your own.

Different Ways to Save the Date

Many couples are choosing different ways to notify guests to save the date for their wedding. Some different kinds include save the date magnets, a passport themed card, a small save the date calendar, and simple cards with a picture of the soon-to-be bride and groom. Remember that there is not only one way to notify guests to save the date. Look through all options before deciding.

Save the Date Checklist – Do You Need Them?

If your wedding meets one or all of the requirements listed here, then you should definitely consider getting save the date cards and sending them to your wedding guests.

  • If your wedding will be out of town
  • If wedding guests will be attending from out of town
  • If your wedding date falls on a holiday or holiday weekend
  • If you will be having a wedding on a weekday
  • If your wedding will be held from 4 months to a year away from today

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