Preserving Your Wedding Gown – Part 2

Wedding Gown

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After spending the most incredible night in the gown of a lifetime, it’s only natural to want to preserve the gown for as long as possible. Whether you wish to reuse the gown in the future or simply take it out to admire, we have some wonderful suggestions on how to keep your gown in the best condition possible. If you missed Part 1 to advice on preserving your wedding gown, you can find it here: Preserving Your Wedding Gown – Part 1

Choosing a Preservationist

As we said in Part 1, finding a preservationist is the first step you take before storing your gown away.  A preservationist helps to remove visible and invisible stains on your wedding. Search for a preservationist a few weeks before your wedding. That way if you want to hurry off to your honeymoon right after the reception, you can ask a family member or friend to take the gown to the preservationist. Make sure to find a cleaner that specializes in cleaning wedding gowns. The company should have a track record. Read reviews and check the cleaning methods. Also check if the preservationist cleans the gown in the store or if they ship it to another location.

Questions to Ask:

  • Do I need to sign a release or disclaimer stating that the company is not responsible for any damage?
  • Does your company offer a warranty?
  • Will I get reimbursed if I find any damages?
  • How will I get reimbursed? For example, will I be refunded the preservation cost or will I receive any replacement for the value of the gown?
  • Is there a time frame I have to find any damages?
  • Do different materials require specialized care? Is specialized care extra cost?
  • Can you explain everything I need to know in the fine print?

Extra Tips: DOs

  • Once the gown is neatly packed away in its box, you can choose to seal the box to keep out any insects that might go in. This is optional of course, as properly packing the gown away is sufficient enough.
  • It is advised to wash hands thoroughly before handling the gown at any time. Or even better, handle the wedding gown while wearing clean white cotton gloves. This will prevent any oils or dirt from getting on your gown, which could possibly lead to discoloration.

Extra Tips: DON’Ts

  • Wrap your gown in plastic. This can lead to a buildup of mold and mildew if any moisture was trapped inside.
  • Hang your dress on a wire hanger. The weight of the gown can stretch the fabric holding it and leave unattractive dents and distortions. Opt for a plastic or padded hanger if you decide to hang your dress at all, although this method isn’t recommended over the boxing method.
  • Be stingy when it comes to finding a specialized cleaner. Expect to pay $250-$700 depending on the specialized care your wedding gown requires. Trying to get a bargain deal just isn’t worth ruining an expensive dress.

Try to clean the stains yourself. You might make the stains worse by spreading them or setting them in more.

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