Money-Saving Tips for Your Wedding

Financing your wedding can be a very stressful issue for soon-to-be newlyweds.  But did you know that there are countless ways to save and cut down on your wedding costs?  Here are some helpful tips that you can’t afford to forget while planning for your wedding.

Wedding Venue

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  • Choose a venue that can host both the wedding ceremony and reception to save on extra rental fees and decorations.  Also, you might want to check for ones that already have extras built in like tables, chairs, or that come with a wedding coordinator.
  • Omit children and coworkers from the guest list.  Making cuts on the head count categorically is less likely to cause any rifts.
  • Hire a wedding planner.  They have years of budgeting experience under their belts, have relationships with countless vendors, and have excellent haggling skills.
  • Aside from the ever-so-popular marrying season of June, there are still 11 other months in the year! Opt to book a date during the off-season and you will save big bucks.  Also consider having your wedding on any day but Saturday. This is the most common day of the week to get married.
  • Think about having your wedding in a different city.  The difference between having your ceremony in Los Angeles, CA can be drastic compared to having it in your native beach town in Michigan.
Wedding Buffet

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  • Contemplate serving the meal buffet-style or family-style to cut down on waste.
  • A bottle of hard liquor holds more drinks than a bottle of wine.  Rethink your decision of serving beer and wine only.  Also try to bring your own booze if possible.  Even if there is a corkage fee, you will still save on alcohol costs.
  • It’s perfectly acceptable to reuse your own decorations.  Look to use the same blooms as you did for your wedding ceremony for your reception.  For an even better price on flowers, choose bigger blooms, and ones that are in-season.  Bigger blooms mean fewer stems for your arrangements.
  • Search for gently used wedding dresses by your favorite designers online.  They can be purchased at a fraction of the price of what you would pay at a store.  Try sites such as and  I also suggest borrowing jewelry, especially ones that belong in the family.  This can add even greater meaning in your celebration.
  • Instead of hiring a live band, make a fun playlist and fire up that iPod or mp3 player.
Dessert Bar

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  • To replace a pricey, fancy cake, purchase sheet cakes in different shapes and sizes and then stack them yourself.  Use standard cake dowels to keep the layers from collapsing.  Finish the look by decorating with flowers, fresh fruit, or thick chocolate shavings.  Another great idea would be to instead offer treats from the dessert bar like cupcakes, brownies, donuts, and lemon squares
  • Make purchases from your credit card that earns you mileages points.  Research which card company offers the best programs, APR, and interest rates.  Then start planning for an exotic get-away honeymoon!

Ask guests to contribute to your honeymoon costs instead of getting you something off the registry.  Use sites such as to register for your trip and add extras, such as tours and spa treatments.

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