How to Plan an Affordable Bachelor Party

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Time to plan the Bachelor Party! Okay, so your guys aren’t exactly rolling out the big bucks.. So what? There’s no reason why your bachelor party shouldn’t still be fun! With some of our awesome activity suggestions, you can bet you’ll still have a great time with your buds while saving them from huge dents in their wallets.

Sports Night

This is by far the most typical “manly” activity to plan.  Organizing the meeting spot at your place is definitely the cheapest idea for venue to host the Bachelor Party! Invite your best men on the night of a big game. Order some pizza and chicken wings, and oh, and don’t forget the beer! This is sure to ensure a good time and full bellies for the “boys.” How simple is that? Just flip that switch, sit back, and enjoy the game!


What better way to remember a great night than to go out singing at a karaoke bar! Take the groom to get a few drinks and head to a place to sing all night long. This will definitely make a great memory. Oh, and don’t forget to catch him on video belching out his favorite tunes!

BBQ Cookout

Everyone loves a good BBQ, especially with lots of men to help! Prepare to serve steaks, chicken, burgers, hot dogs, shrimp skewers, or whatever else you want to put on the grill.  This will be a great time to bond and have conversations with everyone invited to the Bachelor Party, and those whom will probably be at the wedding. If you love meat, sitting back, and picking drinks from a cooler, this could be the idea for you!

Poker Night

Have friends who love to gamble? Host a poker night for your Bachelor Party! Take out your old set of poker chips and some cheap stogies for a competitive and playful night. Order some take-out and put out some bowls of Chex Mix or nuts. Chit chat all night and have fun! Just don’t forget to go easy on the groom!

Bowling Lounge

Another idea for a chill but semi-competitive Bachelor Party is to get a group together for a night of bowling. This could be a great idea if you wanted to invite the women to the Bachelor Party, or if you just had a big group of guys. Set some prizes for the winning team or even a group dare for the losing team. This will surely up the competitive energy.

Beer Brewery

Love beer? Organize a Bachelor Party at a beer brewery!  You could even ask everyone to chip in for a party bus or limo to take to and from the brewery. That way no one has to worry about driving.


Camping would be an awesome idea for someone who loves the outdoors.  You probably don’t want to plan anything too hardcore or intense, as camping might not be everyone’s “thing.” Choose a camping site that’s still close to civilization, with easy access to showers and local shops. If you want to camp in a popular area, be sure to book the site in advance, if booking is required.  Also check the weather ahead of time, just to be prepared. You don’t want to pack short sleeves and shorts when the weekend of clouds and wind is to be expected.


Only take the groom golfing if it’s his thing. If he isn’t one to like golfing that much, then this activity will be boring and tedious for him. If it’s one of his favorite hobbies then this could be the idea for you! You can get creative and make up a game. For example, every time someone makes it in a hole, they get to ask any question they want to any person they want. Make golfing fun!

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