Honeymoon Budget Ideas – Part 1


Photo Credit: Lea Lesmana; Flickr

Yes we know that no couple wants to skimp out on their honeymoon. Every newlywed is looking to enjoy those intimate meals, couples massages, and other exclusive excursions. But let’s be honest, not everyone has a bottomless bank account! Here are some awesome ways you can make sure you honeymoon is everything you’ve ever imagined while cutting down on costs!

Hire a Travel Agent

Anyone is capable of booking flights and hotels over the Internet.  But studies show that booking through a travel agent can help you save on those costs. A travel agent can also help you plan multiple destinations and get you inclusive deals or packages in those areas. See what a travel agent has to offer and compare it with your tentative travel plan.

All-Inclusive Resort

An all-inclusive resort can give you a clear estimate of how much your honeymoon will cost in total. These kinds of resorts include costs of everything from hotels, to transportation, to restaurants. All costs are inclusive in one package deal. Figure out what you’ll get in the package and also budget for a few meals and activities outside the resort.

Use Your Frequent Flier Miles

Especially if you’ve charged all your wedding expenses to you card, your honeymoon is a great way to get those rewards back! You’ll love the free airfare, and even if you don’t have enough points to get that, upgrade from coach to first class! Start off your honeymoon in class and style! Woot! Another great way to save is to book your flights on certain days when they are usually less expensive. For example if you’re flying domestic, avoid business travelers and fly on a Sunday. If you’re flying overseas, it’s better to leave on a Monday or Tuesday.

Honeymoon Registry

So you’ve probably heard of a gift registry, but nowadays, honeymoon registries are becoming more and more popular! It works the same way, but instead of friends and family giving you gifts for your wedding, they can help chip in for the costs of your honeymoon or help you purchase extra amenities for your honeymoon. Examples are day trips, massages, activities, or restaurant deals!

Consider the Season

Every destination has a high and low season. During high seasons you can expect big crowds and skyrocketing prices. However, low season usually means bad weather conditions. So aim for the shoulder season! This point of time in the year is right in between the high and low seasons, where prices are mid-range and the weather is still appealing. Do some research and book your dates accordingly, as different parts of the world have opposite summers and winters.

Check the Currency Exchange

A poor currency exchange can really put a damper on your honeymoon. In recent years, the dollar exchange has become so small compared to the euro. Go to a destination where you can get more for your buck- literally. This way you won’t feel guilty that with every dollar you spend, you’re actually spending double!

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