Guide to Planning a Bridal Shower – Part 2

Don’t know where to start when planning a bridal shower?  No need to fret.  Here are some useful tools to help make sure the event is a success! If you missed Part I in guiding you on how to plan a bridal shower, you can find it here: Guide to Planning a Bridal Shower – Part I.

Invitations and Who to Invite:

  • Invitations should reflect the theme and formality of the bridal shower.  Ask the guests to RSVP to the Maid of Honor, and send the invitations out a few weeks in advance.  Send them out a couple of months in advance to guests arriving from out of town.  This will ensure that they have ample time to make schedule arrangements.
  • For some creative ideas on bridal shower invitations, visit our website: The American Wedding
  • Everyone invited to the shower should be invited to the wedding.  Consult with the bride, her sister, or mother when selecting guests.  Be sure to invite the groom’s female relatives too.
Bridal Food

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The Food:

  • Depending on the theme of the bridal shower, you can coordinate the food to match appropriately.  For example, if it is Parisian themed, you can serve crepes, croissants, or macarons.
  • If the bridal shower is to be in someone’s home, try having food catered.  This will leave one less thing to worry about on the day of the event.
  • If the bridal shower is to be at a restaurant or banquet hall, opt for putting together a small menu for the guests to choose from.  You can work closely with the manager to think of unique ideas.  Be sure to remember which food items the bride would like.  Also consider having options for any guests who are vegan or vegetarian.
Bridal Gifts

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The Gifts:

  • If you want guests to bring gifts but keeping up with the theme of the shower, include specific instructions in the invitations.
  • The bride and groom may register for gifts prior to the shower.  In the invitations, include information for the guests about where they can purchase presents.  Having gifts on registry does follow wedding etiquette.
Bridal Game

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The Entertainment:

  • Typical activities at any bridal shower include eating, laughing, and opening of gifts.  Often times the Maid of Honor will keep track of which guest gave which present.  This ensures an easy process in writing thank-you cards.
  • You want the guests to have a good time at the bridal shower.  Try putting some background music on, perhaps keeping up with the theme.
  • It is also common to have games planned for guests to play. Some examples include: The Newlywed Game, Love Story, or He Said She Said.  These games add a mood of light-heartedness to the bridal shower.  So don’t forget the huge fun factor in your planning!
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