Groomsmen in Style – Part I


Photo Credit: searching4jphotography;Flickr

Wondering which styles are on trend for your groomsmen? Here we have some of the most popular formal attire trends that will allow you to show off your guys in style! We also have a few guidelines to help find the perfect fit for tuxedos.

Say No to the Typical Bow Tie

Today we are seeing more and more men steer away from the typical bow tie. Many opt for tuxedos with long ties, and even choose vests instead of cummerbunds.  Other variations include non-pleated shirts and three-button jackets.

The most common combination is the black suit and white shirt, so if you’re planning to have a classic and conventional wedding, this could be the look for your groomsmen. The color of the tie is all up to personal preference!  The secret to a good-looking tie is to contrast the shirt. Great colors to complement a black suit and white shirt are red, gold, yellow, and orange.  These will especially go well if you have one of these colors as a color for your wedding! Patterns on a tie can also be done tastefully, such as stripes.  Stripes can bring the entire tuxedo to life, especially if the tuxedo is a traditional neutral color.

Tips for a Perfectly Fitted Tux

The Collar – You shouldn’t be able to see any gaps or bulges on the sides of the neck and should lie flat on the back.

The Jacket – The bottom hem of the jacket should cover the butt and the vent should not pull open.  If the vent pulls open, that means the jacket is too tight.

The Hem – The hem of the pants should break across the top of the laces.

The Shoulders – The shoulders of the jacket should hug the shoulder snugly and perfectly.  If the shoulder pads extend past the shoulders then the jacket is too big.

The Sleeve – The sleeve of the jacket should be hemmed at the write bone.  You should allow about half an inch of shirt to show past it.

The Pants – You can definitely achieve a flatter looking midsection. Opt for flat-front pants, which are generally more slimming than pleated fabric.

Ditch the Tux

If your wedding is on the casual side, go ahead and leave the tux idea behind. The men can be dressed in blazers and pick a part of their outfits to match.  This item can be a tie, a belt, their socks, or even a pocket square! A wonderful suggestion for a casual look is to have the men wear a pair of khaki pants that they already own, and then dress them in matching navy blazers. This color scheme achieves the perfect combination of class and a casual feel. Another idea is to order extra fabric from the bridesmaids’ dresses and then make matching ties or pocket squares for the groomsmen! This way all the bridesmaids and groomsmen can match each other and complete the look for your wedding.

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