Groomsmen DOs and DON’Ts

Whether you’re the groom’s good friend or a relative, your main duty is to be a constant support system for your buddy leading up to his wedding.  This can be a very stressful time, and as a groomsman, your attitude and positivity can make all the difference.  Plus, by being such a caring, awesome guy at the wedding, you’re bound to impress every last one of those single bridesmaids!  So listen up and jot down these DOs and DON’Ts.

Groomsmen Beach

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  • Help the groom choose tuxes.
  • Pay for your own wedding attire.  Fortunately, you guys have the option of renting your tuxes.
  • Attend all pre-wedding events.
  • Help plan the bachelor party.  You can have loads of fun with this.  Offer to help out with the costs.
  • Be prepared to usher wedding guests to their seats and also direct them to restroom facilities and the reception site.
  • Purchase a wedding gift.  You can chip in with the other groomsman for one ginormous gift.
  • Give your full time and commitment during rehearsals.
  • Be ready to take countless wedding photos with the couple.
  • Escort bridesmaids down the aisle during the wedding ceremony.
  • If you are the Best Man or are asked to speak at the wedding reception, prepare a speech or toast to the happy couple.
  • The Best Man might be asked to be the legal witness and sign the marriage license.
  • Be on your best behavior, especially at the wedding!
  • Start dancing when the music starts at the Reception to get the party started.
  • Be prepared to help load gifts or make any immediate errand runs.
  • Participate in the garter toss.
  • Be a good friend and strong support to one of your best buds.
Groomsmen Gifts

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  • Leave getting your tux fitted with little time before the wedding.  Get this taken care of early!
  • Forget accessories that go with the tux including links, suspenders, shoes, socks etc.
  • Encourage the groom to engage in any questionable behavior at the bachelor party.
  • Goof off during wedding rehearsals.
  • Be late to the wedding.  Instead, plan to arrive 45 minutes earlier than you’re supposed to.
  • Forget the wedding ring if you’re the Best Man! Keep it in a safe pocket.
  • Make a fool out of yourself at the wedding by getting overly intoxicated.
  • Say anything overly embarrassing or even remotely negative about the couple to guests or in the speech.
  • Get the groom drunk on the day of his wedding.
  • Forget to return your tux to the rental shop.  You might want to offer to return the groom’s tux as well.

Being a Groomsman is a huge honor and can be so much fun!  Let’s not forget about all the free food and drinks… oh yeah!  Just remember to have a good time and really be there for your best bud with whatever he may need.  This is one of the biggest days of his life after all.  And you wouldn’t miss it for the world.

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