DIY Wedding Ideas – DO’S and DON’TS

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When it comes to your wedding, you either want to save money or at least include your own personalized touches in the decorations. This is where DIY ideas come in handy.  To DIY (do-it-yourself), even the smallest details can make a huge impact in your wedding.  However, as easy as some of your ideas may seem, you might end up biting off more than you can chew. To avoid a DIY overload, here is a list of which tasks to take on yourself, and which ones to leave to the pros.


  • Invitations.  Invitations and other stationery can end up costing a ton, especially when you include the cost of specialty papers, postage, and the card size.  Look around in your local store for DIY card ideas to find exactly what you want. Once you find the color and paper that’s right for you, you can go ahead and print off your computer or have someone with nice handwriting help you.
  • Makeup.  If you already do your own makeup, save the extra bucks and DIY on your wedding day.  Remember that you still want to look like you! If you want some extra tips, look in magazines, on the Internet, or go to a makeup counter and ask someone for his/her suggestions on getting the look you want. Do a trial run, and then ask a friend to take pictures of you. This will help you see if you look washed out in photos.
  • Ceremony Decorations.  The wedding ceremony is likely to last a maximum of an hour, so why not handle decorating on your own? This would be best if your venue is beautiful on its own. A few suggestions would be to hang baskets or fill vases with locally grown flowers. Or opt for candles in place of flowers. This is eco-friendly and cost-efficient!
  • Wedding Party Favors. It’s easy to get creative with making your own party favors.  Buy or make some cute bags and fill it with sweet treats.  You can buy these treats or make them yourself.


  • Catering.  Especially for a large wedding, providing the food for all guests will be overwhelming if you try to DIY. Professional caterers are trained for big occasions, and they have an entire support staff to help them. So do yourself a favor and just hire a caterer!
  • Cake. Trust me when I say that a cake disaster is a hard to fix! Sure you’re an awesome baker, but the quality of the cake could be a shortcoming in the end. Also decorating and transporting the cake to its final destination will be difficult.  Let someone with the skill and expertise handle this one.
  • Photos. Photos from your wedding are one of the few tangible things you will remember from that special night. You’re going to want high-quality images and someone responsible for taking them without getting distracted. That way you can let every guests enjoy the party. You’ll be glad you hired a pro once you see the results!
  • Coordinating the Wedding.  You are going to have so many responsibilities and things to take care of leading up to your wedding day. Keep this wonderful day stress free by hiring a coordinator. Believe me you’re going to want to feel as calmed and relaxed as possible! Spend the extra bucks. You deserve to remember this day as one of the best ones of your life!

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