Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

pantone orchid

Photo Credit: Pantone

Last year, Pantone announced that the color of 2013 was emerald, as it represented “growth, renewal and prosperity” in a tough economic time. This year’s choice, Radiant Orchid, is on the other side of the color wheel and intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination, along with symbolizing creativity and originality.

This year, we will be seeing a lot of brides integrating radiant orchid into their wedding color palette, fashion and beauty choices, and décor to name a few.

orchid items

1. YSL – Ombres 5 Lumières, 04 Indigo
2. Givenchy – Le Vernis Intense Nail Color, Croisiére Purple 12
3. Chinese Laundry – Kristin Cavallari Shoes
4. Steve Madden – Round Colored Dial Bracelet
5. J.Z. Richards – Pocket Square
6. –  McKinley Tie

Radiant Orchid’s purple and pink undertones are eye-catching and work well with all skin tones as seen on a medley of models who flaunted new collections during spring 2014 fashion shows. This versatility makes it a perfect color for bridesmaids’ dresses and as accents like pins, headbands, or jewelry to compliment neutral colored gowns.

Groomsmen can join the fun, too, by using orchid on their pocket squares or on their boutonnieres. This jewel hue on the different parties will be the perfect “pop” of color to each party’s ensembles and create a uniform look.

Orchid is a rich shade and can be used for many more things in addition to the fashion realm. The color purple blends a wide range of tones and instantly lends a modern and alluring touch to a bride’s (or bridal parties’) choice of blush, lipstick, and eye shadow.

This season, a majority of brides will be flaunting orchid on their nails. It can be worn on its own and can be paired with a neutral or metallic color.

Other colors that will be gracing the aisle are a rich oxblood, deep peony, ruby, and fuchsia, all being sister shades of the radiant purple.

orchid wedding cake

Photo Credit: Jaanus Silla

Food & Drinks:
This beautiful color isn’t limited to fashion and beauty—it can also be used in the food and drinks on a bride’s wedding day.

An edible purple orchid can be used as a garnish on classic drinks like a martini or mimosa and are commonly found on dishes like grilled lemongrass chicken.

Another way this beautiful flower’s hues can be showcased is on a wedding cake. A solid white cake with metallic accents (like silver or gold edible powder and edible pearls) is a perfect candidate to add edible purple orchids to.

orchid decor

Photo Credit: Natalie Brenner

Radiant orchid will bring any wedding venue to life with its vibrant appeal and purple and pink undertones. It can be used in a large capacity like on table clothes and grand centerpieces, or it can be used more subtly like on napkins or table numbers.

Since it’s such a complementary color, it can be used virtually anywhere and is great when paired with earthy hues like olive and deep greens. Of course, neutral colors like sand, taupe and gray are quickly enhanced by this lively color.  To create a more dramatic pairing, compliment it with an eye-catching color like teal or light yellows.

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